Obama or McCain?

Who do you think will be a more likely to make us Diabetics lives easier ?
and why?

Who knows…I’ll be glad when this whole election thing is over. I am tired of the bashing that they are doing to each other. That seems to be all they do lately. I don’t think either one of them will make us diabetics lives easier…but my gut instint tells me to vote for McCain. They can say all they want…and they will…just to get a vote.

Ditto… :wink:


The republican party refuses to allow any embryonic stem cell research, they say its morally unacceptable.Please when voting dont be a 1 issue person.Look at all the issues(both partys have ups and downs) Do I think Obama will do any thing to help diabetics alone, NO. But I believe he will look more clearly at issues such as embryonic stem cell research and allow it. I understand republicans look at this as a moral issue but I believe God gave us the power of using are brains to help out man kind and in my opion its morally wrong not to use research to better peoples lives.
“OBAMA IN 2008”

I have no faith in our government, honestly. I love what debb said - they’d just assume throw us under the bus.

Living in a state that historically goes Democratic, and under a government that continues to use the electoral college, my vote doesn’t even count - at least not my presidential vote.

I’m so liberal I’m about to fall off the left end of the spectrum, but the government isn’t and the people aren’t. I used to donate to several different causes, but now I put my charitable money into diabetes-related causes because I’m not capable of funding every organization that wants to fix the countless problems I see.

For the record, I don’t like either, but if we have another Republican in office, I don’t even have words to describe how sad and disgusted I’ll be.

I’m a little scatterbrained right now, so pardon how disjointed that all sounds.

I agree with almost everything that has been said here. I, too, have lost all faith in our government. I have voted both Republican and Democratic in my lifetime. Labels mean little to me. I am supporting Obama due to the fact I believe he is what this country needs at this time in our history. The middle class is dissolving, the rich are getting richer and there is absolutly no one concerned with the average fellow who fights each day to pay for health care and just to live. I have no idea how families make it these days. I am single and am astounded at the food prices and wonder what a family of four does on average income. Changes need to be made. We need a sensible health care plan or methodology of keeping premiums in check. I believe Obama relates to these better than John McCain. In addition, I feel McCain sold out this country when he chose Palin to run for Vice President. I would love to see women in higher plateaus of government but this woman is not the one. He made the decision strictly due to politics. If Obama was to do the same thought process of thinking strictly politics on his VP selection, he would have chosen Hillary or 'Bayh from Indiana (swing state). I am tired of the politics. I am tired of no health care. I am tired of government pulling my strings to manipulate my life. There…I vented…glucose level down…smiles…

Obama - He supports stem cell research and healthcare for the chronically ill. Whether or not he can actually do anything about them is another discussion.

Neither, as neither really has the power to. That power is in the (do-nothing) congress.

Very few incumbants will get my vote, and I as well have voted both Dem and Rep in my lifetime (don’t thin I have ever voted a staright ticket)

But this time around it will be McCain, for a host of reasons that are probably not best suited to this board.

Im voting for OBAMA!!! to bad there is to many racist people that dont want to see him step foot in the white house. Im sorry but i refuse to vote for another republican that all they do is just take more money for the poor, just to make the rich richer!

I believe we have a better chance for pushing stem cell research and development further under Obama. America has to get a lot more progressive when it comes to stem cells, and another hyper-conservative administration may ruin our chances for a cure once again…


Okay, my political science degree is starting to kick-in. I have enjoyed following the presidential candidates. I disagree with the idea that Obama did not choose his VP candidate based on politics. Joe Biden has a strong foriegn relations background, just like McCain. He has also been around since dirt, just like McCain. He will attract white male voters, just like McCain. Obama has not done well with lower income white voters, and Biden is expected to draw them to the ticket.

I think McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin was a good one. She stands to attract female voters, a group that McCain needs. She has excited the conservative base, something McCain has not done. She stands to attract the same lower income white voters that Obama is trying to attract (think Ohio, West Virginia, etc.). She also is short on experience, just like Obama and makes it tricky for the Obama camp to attack her lack of experience without highlighting Obama’s short list of credentials.

I am impressed with both Sarah Palin and Barack Obama. I am not impressed with McCain that much, and even less with Biden. I agree that none of them will do anything for diabetes. Typically our presidents have influence over our economy, defense, and the Supreme Court. I normally consider these areas when voting for President. Other areas do apply, and are intertwined with three I listed. An example would be how health care effects the economy.

All of that being said, I plan on voting for McCain because I am a conservative southern redneck and I have always had a thing for brunettes!

Way to go Tarvis I am right there with you.

McCain will get my vote

I will most likely be voting for McCain… Though honestly I like neither that well.

"I may be broke but, I'm not flat busted"

ahem…nice shirt Sarah :slight_smile:

Let’s kick the issues on health care

McCain wants to give a $5000 tax break for families paying for their own insurance (which is great unless you have employer paid health care or you don’t even pay $5000 in taxes, which doesn’t help the poorest), to create a nonprofit corporation for the uninsured and uninsurable (like many of us) with ‘reasonable limits’ (I wish i could trust that, though I like making a nonprofit), and to make costs lower (given recent trends, this will be difficult). It sounds like he’s picked helping those with pre existing conditions as a major issue for his plan (which is great).

Obama wants to have guaranteed eligibility (great), reduced costs (but he’s not very specific about how to do this), subsidies for the needy (sounds good to me), creating a company to help people get the cheapest insurance (sounds good, encourages competition), focus on employer paid health insurance (doesn’t help my family), expansion of current programs like medicaid, and investment of tons of money in research and medical needs areas (I think this is important).

Actually, I think they’re both not too bad on health care. I think Obama’s plan is more likely to get stuff done, given the democrat congress. I also like his plan on education better, so I’m leaning towards Obama. I just can’t stand what our government’s been doing under the Republicans, it makes me angry.


This is a tricky question. I have my beliefs on who will make life, as an American, easier. I also happen to be diabetic. Do I answer the question based on who will make life better overall, or who is best suited to assist people with diabetes, regardless of other policies?

As a diabetic I honestly hadn’t given it much thought. I do believe Obama will do more to help those who are uninsured/underinsured, but that will likely come at a cost to those of us who ARE insured. I hadn’t heard anything regarding either candidates’ stance on stem-cell research, but if they follow party lines (and current administration), I think we all know where they stand.

Overall, I will not cast a vote for a candidate based on what they will do for diabetes. I have strong feelings about young men and women being sent to war, strong feelings about abortion, about our consumption and cost of various types of fuel, about gun control, and about health care for children and uninsured. I’m concerned about public infrastructure – our highways and railways, our water and electricity. I’m interested in the legitimate use and blatant abuse of practices such as Eminent Domain and the Patriot Act.

If there was ever any doubt on who I’d vote for, the selection of pro-gun, anti-abortion Sarah Palin as a running mate made my choice crystal clear. I am voting for Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

Excellent response Scott.

BARACK OBAMA all the way for me ~ given that I believe voting on a national level to be a fairly huge waste of our precious energy, given that I’m a person with diabetes, and a woman, a human, and all the rest. No need to over-analyze on my part.