POLL: If you could use Glucagon to prevent severe lows, would you use it?


You have no concerns about an unaffordable price? Even with insurance, current glucagon kits are very expensive. Id much rather down about 9 cent’s worth of Skittles than many dollars worth of glucagon, to treat one low.

Walmart price $7.48 for 41 oz. 26.5 carbs per oz. 28 skittles per ounce. so 15 carbs is about a 1/2 ounce (give or take). cost? 9 cents.


Not really. I don’t live in the USA. Current glucagon kits cost just over $100 if paying out of pocket. I’d expect the new glucagon to have similar pricing.


My mind can’t process ounces. But for me, it often takes 4-6 glucose tablets to treat a low. If we assume I’m treating five lows a week (which is very conservative since I can sometimes have five lows in a single day under certain circumstances) and that each low requires five glucose tablets (which, again, is conservative since I’ve had lows continue on for up to nine hours and over 150 grams of carbohydrates), and each glucose tablet has 16 calories, that means I’m eating over 20,000 calories a year (or more) in glucose tablets. If they come out with an easy way to mini dose glucagon and I can reduce that to only calories I actually want to eat, I think that could make a major difference for me and others trying to lose weight.