Poor glucogon response in Type 1s

Disclaimer- I am an insulin dependent type 2.

In reading

And having friends with type 1 DM, it appears to me that Type 1s are more susceptible to hypoglycemia than insulin dependent type 2s. The following 2 paragraphs are from that thread.

I have been on T:Slim w/C-IQ for 4 months. After doing some minor tweaking of the settings, I am very pleased. If I have what worries C-IQ about going low, say less than 80mg/dl, I mostly don’t treat. I have found that C-IQ will suspend basal and the numbers will go up a bit.

I make no guarantees just something I’ve noticed. It may be a good Alpha cell ( glucagon) response in myself.

These aren’t true lows just what C-IQ thinks, below 80 and trending down. If you are in hypoglycemia, do treat.

Anyway, curiosity got the best of me and I did a search on glucagon response by the Alpha cells in type 1 diabetes. I got the following paper. It really is a thing.

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Isn’t there some evidence that insulin-dependent T2’s may also have poor glucagon secretion? My googles are not particularly useful.

For sure many of here talk about insulin, insulin, and insulin.

In addition to your mention of glucagon secretion, amylin and GLP-1 are also messed up.

A couple years ago I was all excited about a couple TuDiabetes members mentioning their successes with Symlin (kinda “synthetic amylin”) in increasing their insulin sensitivity, reducing TDD, getting better after-meal bg’s, and helping in weight loss, but I haven’t heard much lately: UpToDate

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Could be so, I just noticed when I am trending low cycling BG starts rising a bit after I stop. I was thinking it might be a healthy glucagon response, but who knows?

I do notice I have had very bad lows from the start. I still feel it at some point but the the ones when I am asleep don’t feel as bad but go very low. Also others sneak up on me when awake. I hope they get better treatments soon, it is such an awful way to live in the prison of the body.

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Pre- CGM, I’d awaken at 3 or 4 AM sweaty and feeling terrible and my sugar would be quite low.
Now that NEVER happens!!
Pump slows down insulin infusion as glucose drops and finally if I’ve really miscalculated the alarm wakes me up. Usually 1/2 box of juice put me right.

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