Positive test

Well 5 actually lol. I am a type 2 and I am 25 years old, my bf and I have been trying(well not preventing) for over a year. I was due to start on the 12 so on the 16 when I never started we did a test then four more and they where all positive. I contacted my Dr first thing Monday morning and they can not get me in until Thursday morning so now I am just waiting to get in to talk to her and to get a plan set up for me. I had a period in January like normal and it was the 12-16 and then according to my ovulation app that I log all of my info into I was fertile the 23-27 and ovulated on the 28. We did do the deed on the 27.

I have been talking about the whole baby thing with my Dr for a long time now and she has been on board with me. Although we both where thinking that I was not ovulating because I had been charting all of my stuff and we were not getting anywhere. So I was at the Dr on the 22 of January and had some out of there with a new out look and said to my self I am going to do better, and I did! I had great sugars, the best I have ever had! Then about two weeks ago my sugars jumped up for know reason and I had no period. lol.

So right now I am looking for some input before I go to the dr. According to what I have read they start counting from the day after your last period so that would put me at 36 days today. I am still trying to get my sugars back down and it worries me but I am really trying not to stress over it to just make it worse. Here is an example of what my days are looking like 7:30 this morning it was 291! then 184 before lunch and 2 hours after it was 187 then before dinner it was 222. I am right now still on all my regular medications so that is nova log and levimer. I am on a 1/2 insulin to carb ratio and i take 40units in the morning and 40units at bed of the levimer. And my last A1C was I believe a 7.3

Thank you for all your input!

Some one reply please! haha

I'm a type 1, so I'm not sure what exactly to tell you. Do you go to an endocrinologist? That was the first doctor I saw when I found I was finally pregnant. My numbers spiked really high a few days before I took the test. It's what tipped me off. I usually run a little higher than normal around that time of the month, but I was spiking up to 350 for several days in a row, and that's very unusual for me. I never had the lows in the first trimester that some people talk about. I've had to go up on my insulin the entire time. In the first trimester it was just a few more units a day, and now that I'm 24 weeks, I'm double what I took prepregnancy in a day.

If you don't have an endocrinologist, I would find one ASAP. They're going to be a better help with the diabetes and pregnancy than your OB will be.

I have a family practice dr i dont no longer have an endo because I left my last endo and i was doing really bad so i started seeing my family dr and she is really great and has got me o far so as long as thi is working her and i agreed i did not have to find and endo. plus i dont have insurance right now so she was the only dr i see for everything.

Okay, I wasn't sure if that was the doctor you were talking about, or your OB. OB's will usually control your diabetes like they did 15 years ago, so as long as you're seeing someone who is doing a good job helping you control your diabetes, don't worry about the endo. Is there any way for you to see a diabetic educator? I'm not sure how much it would cost without insurance, but it might be something worth looking into, and your doctor may be able to help you with that. My educator has been much more helpful during my pregnancy than my doctor. My endo has the final say in everything, but it's the educator who makes the suggestions for changes and the one I email with any questions in between appointments. Sorry I can't be of more help!