Positive thinking and diabetes. Join us!

Come and talk about your frustrations and emotions dealing with being a diabetic here and lets try to stay positive about life with diabetes.

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Great group to start! I think its very important to stay positive about diabetes and just life :slight_smile: While diabetes is an important part of my life I make sure it stays only a part and dont let it control my life. I find that to be very helpful in staying positive because if you dont spend your whole life dwelling on it its not gonna get you down as soon :slight_smile:

Good idea for a Group! A refreshing stance concerning Diabetes. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Type 1 or Type 2 we must have POSITIVE attitude :slight_smile:

A great idea for a group!

Invite your friends, we need more people!

Thanks for having me! Glad to be a part of the gang!

I was first diagnosed, and was just sort of stunned. I didnt think it was a big deal. I was initially diagnosed as a type 2, but went into DKA and a coma about a year later. After that I got really involved and educated. Now I am inspired to help create a cure for diabetes for all people. It is a rotten disease that not too many people understand. I dont feel sorry for myself, I feel bad for Moms and Kids. I do alot of fundraising, and when I meet Mothers and there kids who have diabetes, it just kills me. Diabetes is effecting more lives everyday, yet the sense of urgency to do something about it is pretty low overall. I would like to change that. Thanks again for the invitation to be part of this group. Im glad to be here.

I was surprised. Should not have been because my mother had it and my brother is T1. Diabetes changed my life for the better, now I take better care of myself. Now if I can only move from 6.3 a1c to lower :). Diabetes saved my life, even though there are times when we’re not the best of friends.

Hi all, I am a T1 diabetic diagnosed 23 years ago. I am from Canada. I have a Minimed pump along with a CGM. Thanks for this forum.

Welcome to the group, Mahika!

Hi, I am T2, diagnosed 10 yrs ago. I live near Vancouver, British Colombia in Canada. I am new to tudiabetes so forgive me if I ask too many questions. I was upset when I was first diagnosed even though I was Hypoglycemic (low BS) for years. I was so used to eating if I felt crummy that it was hard to stop. Thanks for having me here and I hope I can help focus on the positive things in life (like the sunshine today) Pat

Welcome aboard Pat!

Hi there, happy new year to all folks. I am a T2 from India.

Hi, Happy New Year to all!

I'd just like to say I'm glad to have found this group. Always up for some inspiration and motivation to keep taking care of my Type 2. I was Dx in 1996 but I'm just now "getting into" really working on my diabetes. About time doncha think? My last A1c was 7.7 and my doctor was very happy to hear that I'd found the DOC. Thanks ya'll.

Hello group! Thanks for the invite!


Welcome to the group Ginger!

Hey i’m new! Had type 1 diabetes for 9 years now and i am still struggling with it! I find it hard to control my diabetes and its constantly getting me down :frowning: