Positive thinking, Positive living! come on people

I am so tired of seeing the negatives of this disease; is anyone else out there grateful that they have a disease that forces them to live a healthy lifestyle instead of a disease they are completely uncontrolled such as cancer?? hell I’m quite happy; sure i may have some annoying highs once and a while and lugging around supplies and avoiding heavenly yummy food can be annoying but i don’t let it eat me up inside. If i did not have this disease i would probably still be eating zesty Doritos for lunch and getting zero physical activity… i think this disease has made a HUGE advantage for me in life - it has kept me away from teenage binge drinking and drugs; I maintained my marks in school and got myself into a good university. EVERYTHING comes with pros and cons, life is a big package of ■■■■ or a heavenly blessing it depends what you make of it!! personally i think waking up and breathing in the morning is the most beautiful feeling in the world; am i the only one who does not see this as a burden? some may call this a disease but i call it a way of life, because YOU are completely in control, diabetes pushes us to live better, to manage time and organization, to be aware of our bodies, to take advantage of living each day and be the best we can be - some say what a burden, I say what a gift!

I agree with your over all take on the opportunity this conditition brings with it. But, I do not fail to recognize that some people suffer a more severe reactions to it than I do. With that said,I look on the bright side about my T2 in regards to how it is affecting me . Yes, it has allowed me to enjoy the changes I have made in order for me to stay healthy longer. I know that may change due to an injury or another illness that will make my DB worst.

I have always been attentive to my health but now I micro manage all aspects of my fitness, food and body . I am much more in tune and informed. I enjoy my life more today than i did before i was diagnosed!

I suppose, this is where we are different …I have been touched by breast cancer and am a survivor since 1984 . I did eat healthy foods , did not smoke and did physical activity years prior to being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1983 …and keeping the diabetes in control is for me a daily challenge …I look at myself as a positive person and behave this way around people …so bear with me if I have a grumpy day and do not agree that this particular day is a gift . oh, my maybe it is " old age " ???

I need to add …living with diabetes for 26 years and NO side effects todate …so far the challenge paid off :slight_smile: . I realized back then to be in control .

26 year!s, I was diagnose at about 46yrs and i am 54 now so i am mindful of the years to come being with DB It is pretty scary when you see people with blindness and amputations as a result. I hope with education, life style and medical treatment current and future DBs can avoid the dramatic outcomes. My doctor did tell me that if one could choose a illness DB is the one to pick because a lot of it is self managed. Mainly diet, exercise and meds as needed.

sorry if i have offended anyone, it’s not this site but everywhere i see negativity; when people find out i have diabetes they’re like… oh poor you, how do you deal with those shots, are you going to die? and really it bothers me haha with anything you do there needs to be optimism, all i know is that i have a goal to live as long as the next non-diabetc guy down the road, and no doctor, or person is going to tell me that my life is cut short when i am completely in control of it. I just really want to hear some success stories i really do, i’m tired of hearing about the negatives of this disease :frowning:

THANK YOU for posting this. I, myself, have thought quite a few times that diabetes has probably been the best thing for my physical and mental health in a long time. Pre-diagnosis, I had worked out three to four months at a time and then would quit. Now, I have been going to the gym and working out steady for three and a half years building not only a better physical me, but psychologically as well. My recent physical showed all my counts ie. LDL HDL A1C and so forth to be right on track!

Stay positive, Jill, it’ll rub off on others eventually.

I LOVE your attitude! I’m right there with you. I see this as a totally controllable disease and, like you, if given a choice, this is the one to have.

I’ve been Type 1 for over 36 years now. I’ve lead a VERY full life! I’m married, have two BEAUTIFUL children, have travelled to all 7 continents (104 countries) and I plan to be in the Guinness Book of World Records for living the longest with Type 1 Diabetes. My dad (non-diabetic) is now 93 years old. I was diagnosed at age 2 1/2. I figure if I can live to be 100…+??? I’ll make it into the book?

I’m aging. Don’t get me wrong on that one. I’m 39 now and last February (at age 38) I finally had to get glasses. My Eye Doctor at the Joslin Diabetes Center Eye Unit laughed hysterically. He’s been my eye doctor since I was 8 years old and he had such a laugh over the fact that I’m finally “Old” enough to get glasses. Now, me, I immediately thought that it was the rebellious teenage years and abuse I’d done to my diabetic body (I hated the diabetes at age 15), but “NO”… I’m just aging. My mom got glasses at 40 and trust me she laughed that I’d gotten my glasses at age 38. The doctor did say that the diabetes had advanced my eye-aging, but not to be worried.

So, like you, I love getting up each morning. I love seeing the sun shine. Okay, I was “bad” and smoked for 24 years, but as of Dec. 18, 2008 I QUIT! Yes - I was “bad”!

Keep up the positive attitude! Remember… ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING.