Possible shortage of insulin... Should we start to prepare?


Please lets not get into the blame game here, but in the same sense lets not forget the inconvenient truth, diet and exercise are often the best treatment for T2. Is it not possible to state this truth without ruffling feathers.


I agree. The context of that graphic is taken from the perspective of Big Pharma. I do not and will not belittle T2Ds with blaming and shaming. Sorry for the confusion!

Have you watched the Dr. Westman video? While I’m certain that not all T2Ds may be helped with an attempt at low carb eating, it seems to work for most of Dr. Westman’s patients. How many T2Ds are even aware of what a keto diet is and that many have successfully used it to get off of their diabetes medications, including insulin?


Gentlemen we are straying from the original subject which is a possible shortage of insulin.


The original post anticipates future insulin demand outstripping future supply.

I respectfully disagree, @Stemwinder_Gary. Decreasing demand, particularly in the T2D ranks, is germane to this discussion.


I listened to a discussion today with the head of the FDA. One of the subjects was the cost of insulin. He said that shortly they will be changing the classification of insulin which will open the market to more manufacturers and that should bring the cost down. I was driving at the time so more detail is still not available in my old brain but check around the web the next week or so.


I did the G.A.P.S. diet and it lowered my A1c 4 points. I think all of these diets in terms of diabetes need to be sort of adjusted perhaps to fit the need. They can be beneficial. I would be surprised if there’s an insulin shortage. The biggest factory in this country is Eli Lilly’s insulin producing factory I believe. Type2’s take pills and insulin. There are many reasons the body does not receive insulin well. Diet and exercise are not the only factors. Environment as well. You’d be surprised the way this country works. They just changed something where pharmacies can open the boxes of insulin’s now and give you individual pens instead of the whole box. They used to give me a box of five when I only needed 2. Go figure.


Thanks for getting back to original topic Mila. I thought I had hit the wrong key when it went to politics and other topics.


My read of the article is that there will be an access to insulin problem, not a shortage.


One little word…


CDC - “The report finds that as of 2015, 30.3 million Americans – 9.4 percent of the U.S . population –have diabetes .”
“The CDC’s annual report shows that diabetes diagnoses for Americans age 18 and older are increasing, with new diagnoses occurring at about 1.5 million per year. Those numbers were equal for men and women.”
Since the above is using data from 2015, I checked Census.Gov/popcheck and find that from May 1, 2014 to May 1, 2015 the US population was estimated to have grown by 2.4 million. Therefore, new diagnosis of diabetes = 62.5% of population growth. It is not hard to see that the 9.4% could quickly approach 50% within the next decade.
SO - are the frightening statistics a result of better diagnosis OR indication of a MAJOR epidemic? Effect = Diabetes, is Cause = Diet, Lifestyle, Environment, Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals or All the Above?


Some people are misreading the CNN news article and getting the idea that they’re saying there’s going to be a shortage of insulin. If you read the original article, there’s no prediction of an insufficient supply of insulin. When they say “accessible” they mean affordable plus available. They warn that for a huge number of people, insulin will be inaccessible because of the price, not because of too little volume manufactured.


You’re right, @bkh! There’s a material difference between shortage and access.


I needed to wait a week for the my insulin to come from one of the largest pharmacy in America. Not worried about 2030 but I am about 2019.


We sometimes have to wait a few days for our Fiasp vials to be available at CVS. They just don’t use enough in our region to stock many of them locally.

I submit the request for refill to the pharmacy when I open our last vial so it is never urgent.

I keep some backup Humalog vials and one backup Lantus vial in case of an emergency situation.


good idea, will ask my MD for some free samples, I am sure he has them. Thanks Barb


I keep a heck of a lot of backup insulin, at least 5 boxes of basal pens, 5 boxes of bolus pens, and a bunch of afrezza, plus a bunch of OTC NPH and R vials. I’d like to have at least a couple years worth of insulin at all times in case of the unknown


Please lets not get into the blame game here, but in the same sense lets not forget the inconvenient truth, diet and exercise are often the best treatment for T2. Is it not possible to state this truth without ruffling feathers

This is a long complicated sentence, so I’ll paraphrase it for people who have trouble understanding:

I don’t want to discuss blame at all, so I will only blame overweight T2 diabetics.

From the time I was a few months old, if not earlier, I already had a noticeable hyperplasia of adipose cells - the reason is pretty much known - which in turn could be expected to lead to tendencies to abnormal appetite and insulin resistance. The Harvard School of Public Health has a subsite on the subject which is a good place to start.

If I remember correctly, the former editor of the American Journal of Neurology has written a whole book on the neurological side of the question.

I hereby apologize to @Stemwinder_Gary for the moral crimes which I started committing before the age of six months.

I also know personally of someone whose tendency to such problems began in utero, and all of whose children show such tendencies from birth. I apologize in their names also. Neither infancy nor anything else is an excuse for moral degeneracy.


Wow. Apparently this thread is determined to be driven off the tracks.

Another thread in the MUTE pile for me.


Perhaps you misunderstand my point. Losing weight and exercising is good advice, I should do more myself. I am T2 and I carry more pounds than I care to admit.

There are aspects of T2 that many do not understand. They cause people with T2 to be shamed and ridiculed. They question has become did extra weight cause T2 or did T2 cause extra weight. I don’t know but you will not find me shaming anyone.

I call it the inconvenient truth because while diet and exercise are good advice it is inconvenient that it is used to shame someone.


Hi terry you have done this for 6 years now. How about the weight that help loss the extra or just keeping the bs down.