Possible Somogyi Effect?

I was wondering if any of you fellow parents of T1 kids have ever experienced the Somogyi effect. My 3 year old daughter started on the Omnipod about 2 months ago and is doing great But the last two nights have been tough Two nights ago I checked her at 10:30pm and she was 170 and woke up at 6:30am at 60 My educator feels this was just a "fluke". Last night I checked her at 10:30pm and she was in the 170s again but she woke up this morning at 6:30am at 313 (with negative (0.0) blood ketones) ..before these two nights she has been completely stable overnight and her basals hadn't changed for at least 2-3 weeks. I just got out of the middle of the night check because she was so stable every night. We have encountered the dawn phenomenon before, so her basals are slightly higher from 4-7am.

My concern is that she went really low overnight and her body overcompensated through the Somogyi effect, especially because of the low the previous morning. We did have a high fat meal last night, but can it take that long to digest?

And why do these questions always come up on a weekend when you can't call your educator? :)

If anyone has had an experience like this I'd love to hear about it...but in any case I'm back on the 3am check tonight!


We are Omnipod and Ella is 3. There are some unexplainable highs and lows overnight, but I’m not sure it is the dawn phem. I used to think so at first, as well. Now since being on the pod for almost a year… 1. they’re little bodies are getting used to a adjustment from shots…2. you need to track everything!! Then comunicate each week to adjust the pump settings. they grow and change so fast that you’ll have a good week and them wham!! All the basals and IC ratios need to be changed. I hope this helps.


I don’t know about the Somogyi effect but I know we will consistently get very late night highs with my 4-year-old son if he eats something with sugar and high fat in the afternoon or evening. I’m talking as long as 5-7 hours later is when it finally starts to spike.

Through this we have learned that - at least for my son - Brownies and “normal” Ice Cream are OUT. :wink: