Possibly the stupidist article on T2 I've ever read

I can't believe the errors and misconceptions in this article. Did anyone else see this? This is a link to the Hamilton Spectator but it was published in papers across Canada yesterday.


Well of course most of the article content reflects the spoutings of Mr. Fong, self identified as a “food stylist.” We knew how bad the CDA was, but apparently food stylist school is even worse.

I thought most of the article was pretty good except the suggestions for a healthy breakfast. There may be a genetic component to diabetes but I was the only one in a very large family to get diabetes. I was a vegetarian and ate very little fat, no meat or cheese or eggs for many years. But I did eat lots of “healthy carbs” like brown rice, quinoa, wheat pasta, lots of beans and soy products. I ate way too many carbs for my pancreas to process. I was not really overweight - 148 but was heavier than in college. When I was dx’d 4 years ago I started eating meat, eggs, cheese and fat, lost a ton of weight and now am at my high school weight 112 and bgs are almost normal,usally below 100. So I agree with the article eating carbs causes many of us to be dx’d diabetic.

I laugh everytime I hear the word “food stylist” - it is just ridiuclous. (just like taking picture of food esp. ‘naked’ food is considered ‘food porn’.)

I was a high carb eater too being veg/vegan. I still am vegan (I noticed I can’t eat dairy anymore even if I wanted too - gives me ear aches) but now I am eating more veggies, greens, nuts etc instead of pasta, bread and potatoes. The American diet in general is really high in processed carbs - I have often wondered about this connection.

I’m really kinda surprised to hear you say this. You don’t claim to have had a poor diet, you were never really overweight and you are not a couch potato. You don’t actually think that eating carbs “caused” you to be diabetic. Yes, eating carbs can push you over the edge to be “diagnosed” as diabetic, but arguing that poor eating habits and obesity is the “cause” of diabetes is just not right. This is what I believe, even if I never studied food styling.

Low fat yogurt is full of starch. The article is full of inconsistencies. It is not proven that the current high carb low fat food craze is responsible for the skyrocketing diabetes. anyways the CDA pushes super high carb diets for diabetics as healthy.

Yes, it’s a real job. I was a “food stylist” for many years and worked my ■■■ off (14 hour days), you have no clue how much work goes into making a piece of food look good, it doesn’t just plop out of the pan and look edible. But it doesn’t make you an expert on Diabetes :slight_smile:

As long as it tastes good who cares what it looks like!

I would think , that a food stylist has many creative talents as seem to have this gent … I certainly don’t have them and I was a Director of Food Service for many years…I totally relied on the people working with me :slight_smile: .
I would love to win the prize offered at onetouchbreakfastchallenge.ca.: go to Vancouver/Fairmont Hotel , shop at Granville Island Public Market , have lunch with Nathan etc. But my breakfast meal may not be too
exciting to qualify , however it seems to work for my BG numbers , prior and 1 and 2 hours after : Steel cut groats , prepared with H2O and 1 percent milk , piece of fruit , Greek jogurt with cinnamon and flax seed , glass of 1 percent milk , followed by a walk with the dogs .

Food caused his diabetes & everyone else’s T2. Now, his food choices of low fat yogurt, granola & fruit are better–lol!

A food stylist is a diabetes expert & worthy of being quoted, not that the real “experts” are any better. The same food myth is perpetrated everywhere.

Heaven save us from ADA & CDA dietary recommendations.

Just because you are the only one in your family who presently has diabetes doesn’t mean that your family do not carry the genes and are either susceptible to developing the disease, have developed the disease and do not know it, or have passed or will pass on that susceptibility to the next generation. Jeannie, the fact is that if you had an identical twin and you have type 2 diabetes, the probability of your twin also having type 2 diabetes is between 85-100% – exceptionally high (see HERE). This is strongly suggestive of a genetic link. Frankly, it is a much higher concordence rate than the rate seen in Schizophrenia, which is generally agreed to be predominately genetic/biological in origin.

Hi Barb,

Sounds like a fun job - I just meant the phrase sounded ridiculous. :slight_smile: I used to be a “hair stylist” so the phrase “food stylist” just makes me laugh it sounds so oddly. :slight_smile:

Sounds like the job is similar to an art director.

This version of the article actually wasn’t as bad as the an edited version I read in Metro News in Calgary.

I wrote to the author of this article and I encourage you all too.

I don’t blame the poor food stylist. He doesn’t know any better. I think he’s learning the hard way what we all learned once we were diagnosed: Diabetes is complicated, unpredictable and too often reduced to an “obesity disease.” And it’s simply not true.

Here’s the response:

Hi Kelly,
Thank you for your comment on the story about Nathan Fong, who was relating his own situation in which he believed that his consumption of certain foods contributed to his development of the disease. The story also contained this explanatory paragraph: “Diabetes occurs when the pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin or when the body doesn’t use the insulin that is produced effectively. Insulin is a hormone that controls the amount of glucose in the blood. Scientists believe that lifestyle changes can help prevent or delay the onset of Type 2 diabetes. A healthy meal plan, weight control and physical activity are important prevention steps, the diabetes association says on its website.”
We appreciate the feedback.


OFFICE: 416 507 2141
FAX: 416 364 0207

This food Stylist is not overweight ;his photo shows that …I am sure it is a recent picture of him .
He has been diagnosed with D. I know lots of type 2’s who are NOT overweight … I met them at the CDA’s NAGM in Edmonton 2 weeks ago .
I agree with Miss Anne Tobin , the Editor .
Sadly , in my mind, most responses here seem to " attack " the chap and do not appear very welcoming , if he ever would like to join TuD.

Eating carbs does not cause diabetes! Uh I couldn’t believe that Article! And they allowed that to be published! This is how misconceptions start about diabetes.people need to be properly educated on diabetes! This article makes me angry! People will read this garbage and believe it. Next thing you know people will be asking us oh you ate too many carbs didn’t you? Its ridiclious this is even allowed to be published.

The usual canned response. “Scientists believe.” Gotta love it.

I don’t agree with the editor. It is the responsiblity of the paper to get the facts right. You cannot defend yourself in court by saying “we just published someone’s opinion.” Remember what happened to the Red Deer Advocate and Stockwell Day?

And I don’t take issue with that fact that Mr. Fong believes consumption of certain foods led to his diabetes. I take issue with the fact that he’s saying hispanics and asians get diabetes because they eat too much rice or cornbread. It’s nature and nurture.

I agree, Duck. I’ve certainly seen worse articles. And I think anything that influences people to move away from junk food is all good.

Widely distributed articles that further misinformation aren’t positive. That’s where the public gets information & continues the myth that eating certain foods is a causative factor. The focus of the piece is diabetes. Doesn’t matter that it’s his personal belief. It’s stated as fact. People naively believe what’s in print because they believe reputable publications don’t knowingly print untruths.