Really interesting article in NYT magazine about "sugar" (not carbs) and diabetes

Curious to hear thoughts.

I recently read Taubes book “Why We Get Fat”, its well researched, and very convincing, as is this article. I like that in the end he doesn’t jump to conclusions. Even though it’s clear he thinks sugar is bad for you he says the definitive scientific evidence is not in yet.

One obvious flaw is that he makes no distinction between T1 and T2. Although fructose may well be a contributing factor in T2 it is most definitely not in T1. Someone as well read as Taubes should have made that clear.

there is a mention of type 2 on page 3 when the author discusses fructose, how it’s metabolized, and the relationship to insulin resistance, but everywhere else he simply uses the term diabetes.

anyone else read this article?

Even before diagnosis I knew the difference between T1 and T2 and when reading something like this, when the author mentioned diet causing diabetes I knew which type they were talking about. But after reading so many posts about how people think T1’s brought their condition on themselves, I think authors of pieces like this need to briefly explain what type of diabetes they are talking about at the beginning of their article.