Post CPAP, partial Ultra sound - Is this it?

Well, I’ve got my CPAP and used it about half the nights so far. I had one night sleeping all the way thru, and I did feel more rested, a lot more rested. The other CPAP nights, I woke up at about 3, took it off and didn’t put it back on in my sleepy stupor. I should have. If I can get a good nights sleep, lose a ton of weight - who knows what I can do with all that renewed energy.

My dog Gracie, now 11 months old, barks at me when I have the CPAP mask on. I look like a demented jet pilot with it on. I feel like one too.

To clarify something, my diagnosis as having severe apnea came from a night when I didn’t really get any deep sleep except for a couple periods of less than 30 mins each. From that, I had 57 episodes of apnea thingys, hence severe. My question was whether or not the duration of the sleep was sufficient to produce any useful data. I couldn’t find anything on that point, but I’m not going to fight the diagnosis anyhow.

I wonder if any middle aged overweight man who does a sleep study is not diagnosed with apnea. Sure sells a lot of CPAPs, I’m just saying.

So, I’m trying to get used to the CPAP and I did a partial ultra sound last week to gauge the thickness of my gut wall - they’ll need a 10 foot pole to get to my stomach and intestines.

I’m hoping to hear soon about my op date. Our 30th anniversary cruise in Mediterranean is booked for late Sept., so I got to get going!

Oh, and I’m walking Gracie soon after supper again, and she’s really getting better on the leash, heeling pretty well with the halti on. And best thing? it really helps my post-meal blood sugar level. I had a normal supper of lean chicken breast, rice, the awful carb, kernel corn (full of sugar) and then yogurt with strawberries. Had the brisk walk with the Gracie Monster aka “ZipperNose”, and measure a short time after - 6.9 - not bad at all. Try it - a good 20-25 mins. right after supper. Be good, don’t try to be perfect.