Where is my CPAP!?

So I had been feeling like crap for the past several years. I wake up tired, with headaches, etc. So in lieu of my diabetes diagnosis, I though I would start asking my doc about other ailments that I just attributed to getting older.

Most recently, that was that my Mother and my wife have noticed that I stop breathing at night and snore like a band saw. I can go to sleep anywhere, anytime. I have no problems going to sleep, I am out the moment my head hits the pillow. And it has been getting worse. My doc sent me to Dr. Locher, a Pulmonologist (chest doctor).

Well my Pulmonologist informed me that I have severe obstructive sleep apnea. That was Monday (my actual sleep study took place on the 18th, a few days earlier). During my sleep study, I was woken up to have the breathing machine mask installed (it was one that just covered my nose). After a few moments of panic (mind you, I was still in my sleep stupor) and learning that I had to close my mouth to breath, I was told to go back to sleep. Riiiiight…I was wide awake at that point, dealing with my previous panic, adjusting to having air forced down my throat, etc. I finally made it back to sleep. Then it was over.

I was roused the following morning, I had to fill out questionnaires and then it was time to go to work. I felt GREAT! I can’t remember the last time I felt so good.

Now it is Thursday, where the hell is my machine!? If there is one thing that’s worse than discovering you have yet another…“something”…, it’s having to go back to feeling like crap after that one night of…relief?

i’ve lived with my CPAP for the last 5 years. best thing i’ve had. they used to think i had Fibromyalgia… nope… just was my body never resting. you’ll LOVE IT!

Thank you for the positive re-enforcement. I really am excited about receiving it.

I get my machine today, I am so excited! I will finally get more restful sleep, It has been too many years.