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Historically, I have found that the ease of transition, especially to more modern technologies has very little to do with the endocrinologist and everything to do with the facility the endocrinologist works at. I am with Joslin in Boston and they have individuals dedicated to working out any bugs from prescriptions to authorizations for new or upgraded technologies. Endocrinologists just don’t have the time to deal with hardware manufacturers, pharmacies and other vendors that are needed.

I could get my diabetic care 40-50 miles closer to where I live and work, but the extra time it takes for that drive is rewarded many times over by the facility taking care of the many small and large aggravations our disease springs on us. A large facility has a support team and direct connections with all the manufacturers and distributors that allows the endocrinologists do what they do best and their staff members to handle the nasty logistics.

If you are under an original Medicare plan including Part A and B, and hopefully a supplemental plan, then you should be fine with switching to another endo. If on a Medicare Advantage Plan, issues may arise as to network that MA will cover. I don’t think that your supplies under B should be impacted. By all means switch if you aren’t getting what you need. I have an endo that I pray every day that she doesn’t leave the practice.


Because I was moving from California to New Mexico, I needed to change endos and eye specialists. I’m on Medicare with an employer-provided supplement for retirees. Blue Shield of California provides my supplement and it is a PPO.

I found switching to be easy … the new doc sent in a prescription when the old one expired … or with US Med (CGM supplies) they contacted the new endo when a prescription ran out.

I agree with others that you are somewhat at the mercy of the new office for making sure that they write “insulin for use in a pump”, for example, so that it is covered under part B.

Good luck.


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Hi This happened to me. There is no big deal. When your dmg provider needs new scripts tell them of your new endo and they will get in touch with him or her. There should be no disruption with your supplies. I to am using medicare b for all my dmg. Al