Medicare question

Just wondering if anyone has experience with HMO medicare programs? Reason why is currently on traditional medicare but switching to a HMO version around the first of the year but now am concerned over it because what do I do if they drop my endo and i need updated chart notes for Dexcom and my insulin pump supply company? After all it can take months to get into see a new endo.

Do you have a stockpile of supplies for the new year? Do whatever you can to accumulate extra supplies in advance of the new year. This makes me nervous. Make sure all Rx are up to date in December. That will buy you some time. You could always schedule with a few different endos, just so you have an apt on their books, and then cancel the apts later.

Well the endo is in the network so far but my main concern is if she should leave it in the future.
Mind you its unlikely as she is part of a major hospital in the area with a few other endos but its always possible that could change.

If she leaves, you aren’t stuck. The hospital will have another Doc write your Rx. I think you will be OK.

What if they all leave? Will Dexcom and the company supplying my infusion sets accept my primary doctors chart notes as I see them pretty regularly and they do blood workups to monitor my liver and stuff like my A1C.

Yes. Your OK. You just need A doc. It doesn’t have to be an endo.

Ok thanks, it was kind of worrying me for a bit as I have no experience with using HMOs.

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I bet

Check if the hmo has website where you can check for doctors on their plan, in your area. Should be able to find endos. Many endo work in groups, so if one leaves, they are replaced, and generally cover same insurance within that group.