Post Exercise Blood Sugar Management

I’m still new to all this, and while I think I understand all the basics, I’m still struggling with the whole after exercise blood sugar thing. I generally follow up my training with a protein shake with whole milk, bolus for a meal and then eat in 1/2 -1 hr. I understand that after exercise you are more insulin sensitive, but I still struggle with a lot more variability than that. Coupled with the fact that I do lots of my training in the evening, this can be a challenge.

What do you all do maintain good post exercise blood sugars and avoid the dreaded Late-Onset Hypoglycemia (LOH). I don’t have a CGM and am unlikely to be able to get one unless I pay for it out of pocket. I’ve fortunately never experienced nightime lows, but I’ve had a few mild daytime hypos leading me to tend to underbolus and overeat when I train at night, probably not the optimal approach.

What do you do to deal with after exercise blood sugars? Do you have sudden drops? Do you have to lower basal rates and bolus ratios the next day, only to raise them later?

I go to the Gym usually at 6 pm but I dont use insuline (Humalog) at dinner time.
My body after the Gym is like a Machine burning sugar. I usually have lows at 2 am.
At bed time I drink a glass of orange juice to elevate even more my sugar and trying to avoid the lows.
I use Lantus 2 times per day and Humlogs with each meal.

It’s pretty much the bane of lifting with exogenous insulin on board. Mine happens 5 hours after lifting/running. On the dot, every time. I had to switch to working out over the lunch hour because of this. If you have a pump you can set up a basal reduction to compensate for the LOH, but with MDI I never could figure out a good way other than to have some peanut butter handy.