Post insulin price memes here

You can use different MP3s for different alarms on xdrip… one of the reasons I’ve used it for 3 years



Make a meme.

Maybe you think you suck at it but maybe if you visit

And look through the images you might just think of the one that goes viral.

I think its more luck then anything.

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I don’t want to hijack the meme thing here, but thanks @mohe0001 for this reference, it’s nice to read a Mayo doc describing this in detail in Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

For the tl;dr, here’s the concluding paragraph:
“The tragedy of insulin prices and the rationing that follows is not something that happens in other developed countries, but it is common in the United States. A study conducted at Yale University found that 25% of patients with diabetes ration insulin because of the high cost. There are 30 million patients with diabetes in the United States, and approximately 25% (7.4 million Americans) need insulin. For the 1.3 million patients with type 1 diabetes, insulin is as vital as air and water. We cannot wait to act.”

What was the outcome of the Congressional hearings last year that dragged the drug companies and PBM’s through the mud about insulin pricing (in one hearing) and prescription drug pricing in general (second hearing)? All the Representatives and Senators in the hearings expressed their outrage and concern, but I’ve heard of no action as a result.