Hey Americans, Did insulin get more expensive this year?

I paid $800.00 yesterday for one months worth of insulin. I noticed only minor changes in my policy, this time, last year. But, this year, I think my policy sh** the bed. I know it makes me sound 105 years old when I b*tch about the cost of Rx drugs, but geeze....

I wish there was some way that I didn't have to interact with the healthcare system. I wish I could make my own insulin out of pig meat. How many pigs do you think it takes to make 100 units of insulin? Prob a lot, huh?

Do you have the ability to check drug pricing online? The "preferred" brands that the customer pays less for changes from year to year, so maybe you're now on their more expensive kind even if it's what you've always taken. Had to switch insulin brands last year just for that reason.

Actually, I'm feeling lucky this year insulin-wise. Just received my 1st shipment of humalog and levemir by mail-order today. It cost me a little more than half of what it cost last year. Who knows what it will be next year, but for now I'm doing a little happy dance!

Good news!

I actually paid full price at Pharmacy this year for insulin because my new Primary Care facility entered me in their E-System as a type 2 diabetic. When I got plan back in Dec I got a refund for the difference :) I still prefer paying money than being no longer alive.

It turns out that the Generic forms now available since drug patent expired are made only in India and are more expensive than the brand names are elsewhere(not including shipping).

Of course it didn’t help that NY canceled my health plan mid month after I’d already paid my dues in full.
My Lantus & Humalog were same cost last year in my college city but in NY Humalog is 2 * as expensive. After switching to pens I got 1.5 times my 10ml bottle with 5x (300ml) per pre-filled Humalog Pen. still’d be > $600/mo. Healthcare companies are now making a killing because everyone is forced to buy in. Imagine the kickbacks Obama is now getting.

Now the money hungry drug companies are selling tons of drugs using the “This drug has been shown to be good for an unrelated disease/disorder.” technique to sell more drugs to anyone for anything…

There is a state drug cost guideline in NY but many pharmacies that aren’t the big ones like CVS Walgreens have cheaper prices because they don’t have to feed the Large Monopoly Machine that owns the chain.

LOL. I think that if they accepted payment, they are on the hook for it.

I don't like that they have me by the b@lls.

I wish I could boycott the healthcare system in some way, if I just didn't need that insulin Rx every 6 months, I could be free.