Post Pregnancy Extreme Lows

I just had my second daughter on September 25. My blood sugars have been extremely low following the birth. This also happened with my first daughter. I'm wondering if this has happened to anyone else here or is just me?? It almost seems as though my diabetes is cured/I'm in a honey moon phase...which is very strange since I was diagnosed type 1 over 18 years ago. Before the pregnancy my insulin to carb ratio was a 10:1 and I'd take 15 units of lantus before bed.
Now I'm wondering if it's the lantus making me go low for some reason. Maybe my body needs to just get back to normal. So I'm playing around with my dose a bit and just giving 5 units of lantus tonight. When I eat a meal, I'm finding that I only need 1 or 2 units of humalog. If I take any more than that then my blood sugar drops so low.
This is getting extremely frustrating dealing with the lows since I'm taking care of two little ones now...Does anyone know why the lows are happening?

Firstly, congratulations on your second daughter's recent birth :)

I had our second daughter in January and my body had a similar response. I've was also dx about 18 years ago. It was quite frightening - all these really severe lows and hardly any insulin going in. Immediate post partum seems to be the only time in my life where the endo says to pull wayyyyy back on the insulin! Anyway... part of my issue despite the obvious hormonal haywire that is a postpartum T1 was my body's response to making milk - my body seemed to think that it was running a few marathons each day. It literally took a few months before my insulin requirements levelled out (and I was a bit frightened to drive during this time because of how quickly I could fall), and it wasn't until I stopped feeding at 7 months that I stopped experiencing weird lows. I'm not saying it was all the milk making - just that in my case it was a definite contributing factor.

All the best with your new addition!

Thanks for the reply. Alright so now I'm thinking it's common. I just went low and I'm now in bed on my lap top eating some Ritz crackers...

I had the same thing happen to me about 3 days after I gave birth to my son. I dropped to 24 while still at the hospital and was almost completely passed out. It actually made it so I was in longer after I had him.

Congrats! Yes, it is very common- although wouldn't it be great if having a baby cured us? :) Breast feeding really really drops your insulin needs, and I think that is across the board for diabetics, and then there are the crazy hormone changes. We stocked up on juice boxes and had like 40 of them, and they were gone in a month! Plus, you are taking care of more than just the new born- take care of yourself!!

Yeah, I was hoping my little one kicked my pancreas on the way out and made it start working :p lol...if only. I actually chose not to breastfeed this time around so must be the crazy hormones (and the fact I'm always active and on my feet) cuz I'm still going low...and it is rather annoying dropping when I have to make bottles and change diapers. I just bought some juice boxes at the grocery store yesterday...

Same here. . . plenty of lows post partum. I could even eat crazy carbs, pasta and everything. I took advantage of it. It started wearing off maybe 8-10 weeks postpartum.

My endo suggested that I only bolus for half my carbs up front and then then other half at the endo of the meal (I kept not finishing eating).

Oh, interesting! My husband and I cannot agree whether baby #2 will come via me or via adoption and one of his big issues is breast feeding. He felt it added to my complications especially since I had to have a blood transfusion after the c-section. I never thought about having such crazy lows just due to the crazy hormones! Sometimes our bodies amaze and terrify me! :)