Update on not sure what to think

I went to my regular OB on thursday and everything was ok. He said the baby has a strong heartbeat. Didn’t tell me what it is but that the baby had a heartbeat :slight_smile: Yah!!! My #"s are coming down still. It seems like need to get up between 4 and 5 am and take insulin sometimes almost 15 units of humalog to be under 90 when I get up at 7am. The endo said today that doing this is okay long as a I am not getting low. He said we know I am insulin resistant as I am already on like 110 units of humalog and about 60 units of lantus daily to cover about 130 carbs daily between all meals an snacks. I know things will get harder to manage but he also told me they might not get to bad as I was already insulin resistant to begin with my need for insulin might not go up as much as others. We’ll have to wait and see. I am happy with where things are at for now. I go in for blood work on Thursday and am hoping that my A1C has come down lots. I was 7.9 about a month ago. Crossing fingers…

Glad to hear that things are going well! Keep us posted!

Are you taking your Lantus once or twice per day? Sometime you can help fight insulin resistance at certain times of the day by taking your Lantus in two doses. For most people, Lantus is a bit stronger during the first six hours after injecting.

My perinatologist (high risk OB) kept encouraging me not to be freaked out by the massive doses of insulin. I was holding back on dosages because I didn’t like taking 30 units at a meal, for instance. He reassured me constantly that the baby needed the food and that my body needed the insulin. His quote I’ll always remember is “Your uterus doesn’t know you’re a diabetic. That’s a good thing. It’s just producing the hormones it’s supposed to that make you insulin resistant.” My reply was, “Yeah, thanks, tell it that I don’t need the extra help.” wink