Pre-Diabetic Heading Toward T2

My forum question, I guess, is more like a statement, which is h-e-e-l-l-p-p!!! How do you fight a genetically slow metabolism?
I am writing about my husband. He has been pre-diabetic for a few years now. After he was first diagnosis he lost close to 30 Lbs and has managed to keep 20 of the 30 off. He started out close to 226 at 6 feet. He is now at around 206. His fasting sugar is 110. Post breakfast, we did it this morning, was 149 and he doesn’t eat a big breakfast.
His doctor is being very wishy-washy. I believe that when ever someone is diagnosed with a metabolic disorder that one of their first stops should be to a nutritionist and they should have an HA1C test. Those fasting glucose tests are not the best measure of blood sugar.
His doctor is suggesting that he cut out ALL carbs for the rest of his life. Living with a T1 his diet is healthy and he doesn’t cheat at work. If its that bad wouldn’t that make him a T2?
Argh! We don’t eat junk food, chips, soda ect… He exercises 4xs a week (I do 5-7) and is getting very discouraged. He needs to get the weight off, but seems to have a very slow metabolism. He and I live in the same house and my BMI bounces between 21-22, CHO is amazing (doctors love it) and A1C is 5.3- the exact opposite of him. So it is not lifestyle. Help please!

Hey Alice,

Forget Doc wishy washy get a new doc. He needs someone who can help him and it doesn’t sound like that guy is. Don’t ask for demand a Ha1c to find out for sure. Believe me the sooner you find out the better. Assuming the worst-that he has type 2 he can then develop a plan to get it under control and live a long happy life.

You are right-it is all about the weight. I think everyone struggles with it. The older you get the harder it is to lose.

Good luck to you and him.

Jack is my website that has more info about this terrible disease

Your doctor is RIGHT. For a Type 2, cutting way back on carbs works wonders. It isn’t the same as Type 1. I have seen people with Type 2 completely normalize their blood sugars by cutting way back on the carbs. Hypos aren’t an issue, and if he eats lots of green vegetables and berries the nutrients will be fine too.

Beyond cutting carbs, Metformin is a huge help with weight loss, especially combined with carb restriction. Many people with type 2 get to where they need metformin to counter the insulin resistance which makes it impossible to lose weight.

Thank you for all the responses. It is hard to get a good doctor in the area. I wish there were better local primary doctors out there. We have the same doctor and I won’t let her look at my sugars. I save them for my endo. that I see every 4 moths. Our doctor is really good for strep throat, fevers, skin rashes and the like. She does need to be pushed a bit though for chronic conditions, which puts a lot of pressure on the patients. Unfortunately my hubby isn’t a pushy kinda guy. However he does agree with having an Ha1c added to his blood test requisition and maybe even a thyroid test (I think one is good- just in case). I agree with you Jenny, decreased carbs do work, but he has already made the statement that he is not giving up ALL carbs. We don’t eat many carbs now. I think he kinda treasures the few we do have.
One of my concerns is that she is not acknowledging him as a T2, which is confusing. Exercise and Diet modification should work for a pre-diabetic. He seems more like a T2 (for who knows how long) that is controlling the condition with diet and exercise.
After doing a few more blood glucose tests it seems evident he has insulin resistance in the morning. I suggested that he drop the carbs from 6am until right before lunch then have his regular meals and exercise as he normally would. I think that would do a world of good for him. Although it will not improve his fasting number. His pre-bed glucose was 111 last night (as was mine- how sweet) so I think the big problem is in the morning.

Hi Alice:

Your husband’s weight of 206 sounds pretty good to me. When I was diagnosed with T2 (5/06), I weighed 268. Today I weigh 222 and I am trying to get to 200.

If I was his doctor I’d have diagnosed T2 by now! Of course I’m no doctor and don’t have all the facts, but it doesn’t sound pre-diabetic to me.

I agree that lower carb helps BIG time, but I’m surprised a doctor told him that! Most are reluctant to talk low carb. I don’t think cutting out ALL carb is fair though. He’s already doing great with exercise and diet, is it time for the pills? Personally I think the low carb route is the better one (and I’m a hypocrite coz I’m not good at sticking to it myself!), but it should be up to him if he wants to hang on to his remaining carb ‘allowance’. Certainly pills are preferable to the dangers of high BGs.