Hi everyone. I joined this group 4 months ago when I was diagnosed with T2. Thanks to your group & responses to my questions, I have been able to deal with this diagnosis. I know that this is a day to day battle but with all of your help I have been given some tools to deal with this.

My daily testing has been in the 120 range before eating and 130 after eating. I have been able to lose 27 pounds so far. My goal is to continue to lose weight.

Last week at my 3 month MD checkup, I had blood work done. My A1C started at 350 in December. It is now at 6.9.

I wanted to share my good results with you because you all have helped me deal with this T2.

Now I realize the work really starts as my determination to control my diabetes opposed to letting diabetes control me is going to be a lot tougher than the first 3 months. But with this group I know that I have a backup to help me deal and get to my goals.

I am on 500mg Metformin 2x/day, working on controlling my carbs and am eating by my monitor. The MD told me that I will tire of checking my blood sugar and that less than 10% of T2 can actually get off their meds to maintain their T2 by diet and exercise. I took this as a challenge to prove him wrong.

Thank you to this group and I know that there will be difficult days ahead for me that this life long battle with T2 has just began. Wanted to let you know my update so far.

You have the #1 single most important tool there is: attitude/determination. I haven't a shred of doubt you'll control this rather than letting it control you.

An A1c of 6.9 at the three month mark is something to be proud of. You're doing great! Keep it up, and keep us posted on how you're doing!

- David

Sorry I meant to say that my initial A1C was 10.1, it is now 6.9

just wanted to share that since I've been on low carb diet A1C is 5,1-5,3 but still I feel diabetes is progressing and neuropathy, and BS is higher. Metformin doesn't work in my case , unfortunately.