Precautions to be taken in pregnancy

Hello everyone
I just found out that I am pregnant for about 5 weeks. Wanted to know about precautions to be taken during this period as my health is deteorating day by day. I am taking actrapid 12 units ( plain insulin) 3 times a day and lantus 12 units at night.
I don’t want my new born to face the same issue.
What are the exact chances for that?
My partner got diagnosed with diabetes 4 years back and is on insulin plus tablets.

Thank u

Congratulations on the pregnancy!

A few basics: build and meet with your medical team early on: endo, ob, mfm/perinatologist, and possibly cde. If you’re not already, start taking prenatal vitamins. The goal is to keep tight control, with fasting bg 60-90, 1 hour post-prandial <140 and 2 hours post-prandial <120.


Okk thank you… :slight_smile: