Preconception: T1, just started metformin to help with A1C goals, has anyone else done this?

Hello Ladies,
I am a T1 (for 13 yrs)and am currently on a minimed insulin pump & use a CGM. I have been actively participating in a sweet success preconception program in order to loose weight and bring my A1C down. I started in Oct and have not had much success with the weight loss thanks to all the insulin increases over the past four months, but I have brought my A1C down from 8.9 to 7.9. I am on a 1500 calorie meal plan, exercise 4-5x a week but still have been unable to get to my A1C goal. So this week my docs and I decided to add metformin to the mix. I know it is unconventional for T1's, but I did this before in 2005-2007, and it was the only thing that got my A1C under 7. I still have a fear of getting lots of lows with it, so I am moving forward pretty slowly and only starting out with 500mg a day.

So my question is have any of you ladies used metformin to help with BS control pre or through pregnancy? If so what was your experience like? Any advice, wisdom or encouragement would be greatly appreciated. :)

YES! I was on insulin and metformin before i started my pump and when I started my pump. My c-peptide was low enough to call me type 1. But there is tons of type 2 on both sides of the family.

In March 2011 my A1c was 7.7. I made soem big changes in food and exercise and started metformin in May (max dose 2000 mg). My A1c in June was 6.1. It made a HUGE difference for me.

With the help of clomid I got pregnant this past Sept/Oct and had an A1c of 5.8. I am 23 weeks now and my A1c is 5.3.

So there is hope. I am still on the metformin now.

Wow, that is fantastic. Congrats on your pregnancy and it is so encouraging to hear that this method has helped others. My c-peptides have been nonexistent since 2001, so I am def a type 1. There is resistance from some endo's to try the metformin for type 1's but it really helped me before when my endo from UCLA prescribed it. I am hoping it can help my A1C get under 6 and help me reduce my insulin needs, and therefore shed a few of these extra lbs.

I lost 25 lbs a year before getting pregnant, I still have plenty to lose but I am also 36 so I took my chances.

My old endo refused to put me on the metformin becuase I was Type 1. The first time I saw my new endo she looked at my pump readings and suggested adding metformin. I had been asking for over 2 years at my old doctor. Ugh!

My A1c dropped significantly and historically that would mean a significant weight gain but with the metformin my weight was pretty stable and I may have lost a few pounds. Right now I am the same weight as before pregnancy. The doctor says the baby is growing fine so he has no problems with that.

I had several doctors suggest that I only be on the metformin for the first trimester, but my endo and peri both feel that despite the fact it can cross the placenta the improved blood sugars outweigh the risks (Which are minimal).

Best of luck!

Wow, that is great and congrats to you! Glad to hear it worked so well with your case, gives me some hope for mine. Thank you, best of luck to you as well!