Prednisone and high bg's

I had to start taking prdnisone yesterday, friday, for pain. I couldn’t believe how high it has caused my bg’s to go. I had to drastically increase my short acting insulin. It has helped alot with the pain and me being able to sleep at night. I got so tired of sleeping 2 hours then walking the floor for 2 hours before I can take another pain pill to help with the pain.I lost most of the weeks work due to never sleeping enough to not feel like a zombie the next day as well as still being in pain all the next day as well. So hopefully this will help and I don’t take it after 5 days so my bg’s should return to normal after that. I guess I can take the high for that long and deal with the extra insulin, long enough to have it do some good in the long run.
Anyone else have the problem of highs due to this drug or one like it would like to hear your stories. Thanks for listening.

Prednisone about wiped me out a few months ago. I pretty much had to almost triple my insulin from my pump…and even then, if I ate something my numbers went through the roof.
In the beginning of the course of prednisone, I couldn’t believe how bad it was…as I went through the course and used less and less of it, things got better…
That was a mean drug I had never taken before and don’t want to again…

I wasn’t happy but since I can’t take any anti-inflammatory drugs i had to do something else and this was it. I did notice that cleaning house and going from one thing to another today kept my numbers down. actually was pain free enough to do this stuff which is a big help. Just to be pain free for this much time has been beautiful, haven’t been that in a long, long time. thanks for the reply. hugs to you and take care.