Preferred Glucagon Option?

So, I wanted to replenish my glucagon pen, so I asked my endo for a new prescription, and she replied:

Yes - there is the original kit, and the newer pre-mixed gvoke syringe, as well as the baqsimi nasal spray. Which one would you like?

Any experience or preferences?

I’m leaning toward the nasal, as my spouse would need to administer it if I ever needed it.

Go to your local pharmacy first and check out the cost of your portion is going to be. Sit down before the pharmacist tells you the cost.


Yeah, the cost of glucagon, even with insurance, is awful.

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The concept of the Baqsimi is fantastic. Because it is so new some insurances might what a prior authorization but it can be pretty easy.

Baqsimi did a very small study. (I think it was like 14 trained care givers and 13 non-trained family members. Typically small studies aren’t much data to stand on but this was is a little different. One, the difference between the two outcomes what large and two, It is easy to see where that this could easily be the case. It’s one of those things were 14 or 14,000 you would almost certainly see similar numbers.

So, if your provider does have to do a prior authorization, tell them to try this argument.
In a study comparing the nasal glucagon vs. the injectable, 94% of the people trained to administer the nasal glucagon were successful in just under 30 seconds and 93% of the people who had no training at all where able to administer it in 44 seconds. With injectable glucagon, 50% of the people with training were able to administer the injectable glucagon in about 2 1/2 minutes but only 13% administered it correctly. Of the people with no training, nobody was able to do it correctly and only 20% actually got any medication in the person at all. (And it took about 3 minutes). Patients unresponsive due to hypoglycemia, time is of the essence. Glucagon can save the person life and potentially prevent them from falling into a coma. The people around the patient though need to be able to administer the medication. Injectable glucagon is requires mixing power with liquid and, as you can see in the numbers, people have a hard time administering it correctly.


Ask your endo for discount coupons. Mine gave me coupons for glucagon pen in the past and it cost me 15 dollars a pen.

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She offered to send them over without asking. Curious about the price though, with and without.

It comes in a 2 pack and if insurance gives you trouble, your Dr should have a $25 coupon for the 1st 2 pack… very similar to the free libre reader

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I’m talking about baqsimi

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This is helpful. Is there any chance you have the source/citation for the study ? I think it may help with prior auth for me and my son as so far the request was denied. many thanks,

There are several sources with similar numbers:



Thank you so very much. This might do it as we’re working with docs from an academic med ctr and if my son and I provide all the wording and references perhaps the extra effort will be made by the MD. It seems that once an MD receives a denial (which is nearly all the time) they do not have time, energy, or resources to carry it further. Sincerely,

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