Any Type 1s out there who have had experience with the glucagon alternative Baqsimi? Seems like a godsend being much easier to dispense than glucagon!
My situation is the cost of it- I am in Original Medicare with a Part D. I finally am getting my pump insulin through Part B, so my other meds I take are all cheap generics- so, I never will reach my yearly deductible! My cost for the Baqsimi at my pharmacy is $297! Any advice? I’m seriously thinking of taking my insulin back to Part D prescription, and pay the big chunk for it at the start of every year to get through my deductible!!! Help! (Sorry this was so long!

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I recently got some, (but have not used it yet), when I saw my insurance covered it. But it is expensive!

In 55 years of T1D, I have never used glucagon, but remember my mom waking me at night to give me orange juice in the years before glucagon.

With CGM alerts and Tandem CIQ, I hope to not ever use it!

I have had it since it first came out and have used it once. It was quick acting and my wife said it brought me back quickly. Lilly has a coupon for BAQSIMI if it is not covered by medicare part D.

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The savings card is valid until 12/31/2020.

Since I was already max oop (due to insulin pump purchase), mine was no cost, so did not use savings card.
But it is $200-300 without discount.

The Baqsimi savings card can also be extended. My experience using it mirrors @Rphil2’s. Fast fast fast and much preferred by my spouse who is needle phobic

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Thanks for the response and coupon. But it says, not to be used with government insurance, which Medicare is). So, the cash retail price around here in North Texas looks to be over $500. I think the $297 I was quoted in my pharmacy email as my cost is my Part D cost. That is probably because I haven’t met my deductible for 2020 yet! Am I right??

If you purchase it off Medicare it is a much better price. Just tell your pharmacist that you would like to run this off of medicare as a cash purchase. Just because we use Medicare does not mean that you have to use it for every script.

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Think you meant cash purchase !!

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Yep cash —. iPhone

I just tried it since mine was about to expire and I had a bs of 57. I was with it enough to take it and it was definitely uncomfortable. It felt like a powder bomb in my nose. I’m glad it’s an option for others to give in an emergency that’s less complicated than a glucagon shot, but would not recommend trying it yourself for a non-emergency low like I did.


@CB11 Thanks for that info! I have the Basqimi and haven’t had to use it yet. My doctor did warn me that it was giving people headaches afterwards. I never had to use the glucagon shot either and I understand it left people feeling cruddy too.

My doctor also warned me it might be expensive, but I have a supplemental insurance plan with Medicare and only paid $20 for it.

It sounds like it’s horribly experience without insurance. Luckily mine covered two tubes at $25 so I figured I’d try it. I still think it’s a good option to have for an emergency, but I still feel gross a few hours later.

I have used it as a self delivery and used by others to revive me. Using it for myself - wow that is one powerful blast. Using it by others? I have no recollection

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@Rphil2 I’m glad you are here to write that… and I agree with you on every point.

@Marie20 It feels like you were in a major auto wreck the next day. That said, microdosing glucagon is an interesting experience. 5-10 units at a time as needed, administered in 15-20 minute intervals gives a much better response curve than taking Mr Toad’s wild ride with the entire shot. Then again, if you can’t speak for yourself, any glucagon in any form is just fine by me. I’ll deal with the after effects after…


My son used it last weekend. He was vomiting and could not raise blood sugar. It worked very well. He was in bed for another day and a half, which surprised me. We attributed it to the stomach bug, but perhaps it was Baqsimi or a combination of both. Yikes!

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