Pregnant - Hospital Visit

Okay so I had a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday ( Feb. 10th ) … It was just a regular appointment … well I was actually seeing a different doctor. This doctor is in the same office (this is when I have to see all the doctors in the office). I went low while in the appointment with the doctor (big mistake) … I have no idea why I even went low … So with this being the first time he has seen me, he got with my normal doctor and they decided to put me in the hospital for the night to watch my sugars (they got worried). Anyways, one night ended in me not leaving the Hospital until today (Feb. 14th) … it really sucked staying in there. I would eat 3 meals a day (they picked) and then have 3 snacks (they picked). They would check my blood before I ate, 2 hrs. after I ate and 3 times during the night … I had blood work done, they would come in about twice a day to check my blood pressure and my temp. Everyday for 30 min. I would get hooked up to the fetal monitor so they could listen to Kaiden’s heart … Then once a day the nurse would come in and listen to his heartbeat for about 1 min. or so. The stay itself was BORING and really SUCKED … but everything is fine, and they didn’t find anything wrong with Kaiden or myself … they did change some settings on my pump (a few times), and so now that i’m home I have to continue to do my blood sugars during the times they want, and phone them in. It’s a pain, but I think to make sure everything is okay, and that Kaiden will be okay it’s all worth it. I would so rather do this at home then be stuck in the hospital. I saw all types of new doctors … I had an endo. that i’ve never seen before (actually had two) and I had a diabetes specialist … and a nutritionist (sp) … it was a big ordeal … anyways I thought I would just kind of let you guys know whats going on. (I am 25 weeks this week)


Hi Misty! Sorry to hear about being stuck in the hospital! I’m glad that all is going OK with your pregnancy!

Check out this discussion. Your post reminded me that I do not want to spend most of my (future) pregnancy in the hospital!


Welcome home and welcome back (here). Glad everything worked out just fine. In fact, it was probably fortuniate that you went low when and where you did. You can bet they will be watching you more carefully now.

Take care and keep us updated.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

I am 7 months pregnant and my OB told me that if I started to have low blood sugars I needed to call them immediately and get to the closest hospital. Low blood sugars in a pregnant diabetic can mean there is something wrong with the placenta. I can’t remember what he called it, but I am betting that is the reason they did that.

The excess sugar in the mother’s body goes through the umbilical cord and goes into the baby which makes the baby gain weight.

Rick - basically because glucose crosses the placental barrier - so the baby is getting double the amount of glucose, and it’s little endocrine system is saying - wow - where’d all that glucose come from - we need to produce more insulin (kicking the pancreas), and what is insulin - but a growth hormone. So, the baby grows very quickly from the outside appearance. The internal organs can’t keep up with that growth, so sometimes babies of diabetics are often undercooked if you will.

Misty - you will be ok. Try to relax and not worry too much. Watch your levels and communicate with your perinatologist. Seems like you are in good hands.

I had three babies with me being diabetic. They are living pains as teenagers now!

I know what you are going through. How I remember the hospital stays and the food they make you eat!

You’re almost there! Congrats - and good luck! Keep thinking positive, and relax and enjoy this time that you are in control of Kaiden. :slight_smile: He’ll soon be controlling you!