Presoaking a G6

I will be starting to use a G6 next week. I’ve read about “presoaking” the sensor. I’ve never done that with the G5. If I do, will it lessen the time that the sensor is good to less than 10 days?



How do you cover the connector on the top of the sensor so that it will not get damaged during the presoaking?

I don’t cover it at all.
I have them on my abdomen, out towards the love handle area.
I start my presoak the night before, and swap the transmitter over in the morning.
The 10 day clock doesn’t start ticking until you START SENSOR for the new sensor.
The only thing it could affect is if you have problems with adhesion for 10 days. I use skintac when putting a new sensor on, and it lasts me 12 to 21 days.


If you like, just cover with something that is removable and won’t stick to the sensor electrical pads, OR to the sensor’s adhesive pad. If wearing it for just a few hours and you aren’t overhauling an engine, just keep it under a shirt w/o anything.

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Or use an old transmitter.

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I just restarted my first G6 and it went well. That tells me that the recent comments across the 'net that I’ve seen regarding either soaking, or restarts (a restart is akin to a 10-day “soak”) causing inaccurate results is somewhat UNTRUE. I’ve got a very recent version of the xmitter, an 8H. Accuracy is as great as from day-2 thru day-10.

I am on day 19 right now with great results.
I will presoak this saturday and swap the transmitter on Sunday morning.
I am restarting my sensor again for the 2 time right now actually.

It is simple, easy, and works very well (for me at least.)

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My wife (at my suggestion to build her “stash”) restarted her 2nd sensor, which got her 4 more good days. She is now wearing her 3rd sensor and despite tomorrow being 30 days from her first and only shipment date, she hasn’t received the email to reorder. I told her to call Dexcom orders this AM, which she did. They are expediting her order.

Yesterday we both saw our endo whom we asked to send Dexcom Rx’s for “a change every 8 days” which would mean we could get 4 per month. Neither the doc nor we know if that Rx will fly but it’s worth a try. (A Dexcom tech suggested to me recently that we ask for Rx’s for more than 3 per month).

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My endo did exactly that last year and the script was accepted. But it was from my pharmacy, where I now get all my Dexcom supplies. Hope it works for you!

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