Prices of insulin and epipens to go up again?

The Trump orders only applied to community health center prices which is a tiny fraction of the entire insulin market. I’ve never gotten my insulin through a community health center and reading posts here over past 10 years it certainly seems like most of us get insulin through a retail or mail-order pharmacy. And “health centers said they already pass on those savings and [the Trump] rule is merely an administrative burden that paints them as entities that price-gouge patients.”


@Tim12, and you don’t believe that pharmaceuticals have been price-gouging Americans? It’s such an important issue for all Americans not only those with DM or allergies.

I believe we have lost any upper hand we had on pharma. I blame flu. They got us by the balls, now.

The EO was supposed to go into effect on January 21. It’s under review. So at this time nothing has changed.

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I completely agree that we have been price-gouged on insulin. 30 years ago I was in college and paid $11 for a bottle of insulin.

But I cannot see how community health centers are the problem, or how a Trump rule that only applied to community health centers would help lower my insulin price (I get my insulin through a mail order pharmacy).


@Tim12, it was a start. I am just wondering whether we should make noise to show that we care deeply about the issue of pharmaceutical pricing.

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There are many laws at the state level regarding insulin out of pocket prices in the past year. They don’t necessarily help if your pharmacy plan doesn’t cover the brand of insulin you need.

What we really need is something at the federal level.

The pharma companies see the pressure is on and they have some discount plans. My Tresiba stopped being covered by insurance in the middle of last year and there’s a decent plan from Novo Norisk so I don’t have to pay full list price. But that could go away at any moment.

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Trumps executive order on this was no more than window dressing.

However, the health centers said they already pass on those savings and this rule is merely an administrative burden that paints them as entities that price-g0uge patients.


It was a start. But I really believe Biden will re issue some kind of order with a slight change so he can claim the kudos for doing so.

A lot more needed to be done, but it was at least a start. The Big Pharma companies have a lot of money to throw around and are riding high at the moment because of Covid, it makes it harder to go after them.

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Not likely. Executive orders aren’t the most effective means of putting new laws into action. It’s pretty common for President’s at the end of their term to pass executive orders as nothing more than a futile last ditch effort to garner favor… knowing full well there’s no time/support to enforce it. And then the incumbent, no matter the party, has no choice but to over-turn the order… Or risk the legal and congressional battles that are sure to follow.

Someone with a full term in front of them will go the traditional law making route, working with congress to draft new bills, executive branch signing them into law, and legal branch upholding them. Of course there are loopholes, everything has to be complicated.

Personally, I think we’re a long way out yet from what we need. We need to revamp the entire medical/insurance system. Get rid of the whole rebate incentive thing that jacks list prices up so much. Unfortunately, insurance is a big money market, and big money markets have big lobbying power. I don’t think there’s a quick nor easy path to get there. Like @Baddog40 said, it’s all just window dressing, putting on a show for the American people to make you think your politicians care about you… When what they care about most is the uniparty and campaign contributions.


Since we should not discuss politics here, to be fair, wasnt this supposed to prevent pharmaceutical companies from taking the rebates for themselves and not passing things on to patients? I dont think Epi pen patients will be happy either…


This program is being extended to 2021, which I used for Novolog.

I plan to sign up again

Hasn’t it been established that political discussions regarding policies directly related to Diabetes are acceptable, so long as they remain polite and not trolling for votes?

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Keep in mind the insulin companies are only offering these discount programs because they’ve been critiqued in the news and they know they are in the legislators crosshairs.

The discount programs are their way of saying “see, we don’t need federal laws to make insulin affordable again” without actually lowering the list price.

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Sure executive orders can be changed easily. And this one was sure to be in court. That was pretty much a given from the moment he signed it. Because the Big Pharma companies don’t want anything passed that curtail their profits. But I still say it was at least a start. And we got some discount count programs started because of the huge publicity regarding insulin prices that the press finally started to pay more attention to the whole situation. It was at least a start, no one else has attempted to touch the drug companies, they have so much power.

Hence what @Tim12 was saying “The discount programs are their way of saying “see, we don’t need federal laws to make insulin affordable again” without actually lowering the list price.” You have to start somewhere.

What would have been nice is when it went to court it started some kind of negotiations of price controls on at least insulin and epi pens. Whether that would have happened who knows. Now that could just be a pipe dream.

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Marie, I’ve been following articles about “insulin” in google news for many years now. Five years ago all the articles were “insulin is bad for you” and about insulin resistance. But in the past couple years the articles about insulin have completely changed tone and are horror stories of T1’s who died because they couldn’t afford insulin, followed by stories about some states passing laws to improve insulin access and affordability.

You know, 25+ years ago the price situation was very different, and the price of test strips a much more major chunk of a diabetic’s budget. But the analog insulins weren’t available at all and we were all on Regular and/or NPH.


It needs all the publicity it can get as then people pay more attention. Insulin is one of the best places to start because there is no doubt that a type 1 would die without it.

And Big Pharma has been getting away with huge costs to Americans for years. It is so ridiculous the amounts the exact same insulin has gone up in costs. A good place to start trying, to chip at a bigger problem.

I pay minimal and so do a lot of us. But the few people that have to pay end up being shafted. And of course we all pay for the kickbacks in insurance premiums.


Community health clinics weren’t really part of the problem. The EO was a way for Trump to look good.


When I read the death stories, I always note that a person can survive on old fashioned insulin. Not ideal, but since I have lived with type 1 for 50 yrs, I know they work…:wink: They just need a scale to work with to figure dosing out.