Problem With My Novopen Echo

Hi Everyone,

My bg have been a bit crazy I think in part due to trying a change in basal timing. However I noticed yesterday that no little insulin drops were coming out after my basal injection so I primed the pen to see if anything had come out and noticed that not only was no insulin coming out but the piston had been pushed back almost to the bottom(part that pushes the drum in the insulin cartridge up as you inject). I got it back in place, primed the pen and injected my dose again.

I'm not sure how this could have happened? Has this happened to anyone? I'm wondering if something is wrong with this pen. I will now always be priming my pens each time I dose to make sure insulin is actually coming out and everything is working properly. I always do this each time I start a new cartridge and it was working with this one so I have no idea what happened here.

All of todays pens need to be primed before every injection. This is due to minimal movements of the piston by the g-forces from walking etc. With the older pens this was no concern. However I can not recall that the piston was pushed to the bottom. Have you encountered an unusual situation that day - like catching the bus or sub?

No Holger I rarely do that unless I'm in the city. I drive and I don't think I even went out, but I can't remember anything that could have happened to jar the pen. This is so odd??? Thanks for your reply! I will definitely be priming from now on.