Insulin Pens

I used to use the Novorapid and Lantus pens, but found that sometimes they didn't give the whole insulin shot. After a few scares wereby my bgs went through the roof, I switched back to syringes. At least now I know for sure what I'm getting. Anyone else have this bother.

I had one defective NovoPen4 that was unreliable. In general I think that the NovoPen3 had a better design. But this pen had the flaw that you could not dial back easily (it needed a more complicated operation to achieve that). Because of the new design the NovoPen4 must always be primed as stated in the manual. Otherweise it is possible that the plunger (I hope this is the right term) is not properly positioned. I will only inject after priming has shown than one drop is coming out. This priming is really important because the plunger could be dislocated by the G-forces created by running etc. Without priming you could easily miss several units of insulin.