Problems with glucose meter

I have began using Symlin about 4 weeks ago and am doing great with it. I’m excited about what it is providing for me in helps of lowering A1C and reducing insulin spikes.

My problem that I have noticed in the past week is relating to readings taken with my glucose meter. I am doing a lot of testing as well as wearing a CGM and it has helped in the adjustments we are taking to my basals since the introduction of symlin. What I have noticed the past week is that I have taken a glucose meter test within a minute or two on occasion and found that the results are sometimes over 100 points difference. I have had my meter replaced as well this week thinking it is the meter. Has anyone else on symlin noticed this issue. I wouldn’t think that a glucose reading could change that quickly and am kind of nervous about what is happening - is it my meter, strips (the strips are new - just received my monthly supply).

Congrats on your success with Symlin! With regard to glucose meters, they are only required to be accurate within +/- 20 percent. In other words, if your BG is actually 200 (just to pick an easy number), your meter can report anything between 160 and 240 and still be considered within rated accuracy. It doesn’t matter how close together time-wise your samples are. It’s simply the limits of current technology.

make sure you wash your hands before testing. once my dad (who was type2) called and said his meter said his bg was 300 and what should he do? I told him to go to the nurse in the retirement home he lived in, and ask her to check with the clinic’s meter. It was in normal range. The difference? He did not wash his hands before testing.

If you were dropping or rising that fast, you’d feel it. Are these readings in line with your CGM?

These readings were not in line with the CGM. I have been in touch today with Symlin support representative, One Touch (meter manufacturer) and my physician. I also had a lab drawn to see if the meter may be an issue. One Touch is sending solution and asking for a sample of the strips to check on this also. I did set and cartridge change and sensor change to try also to pinpoint what the issue is.

Every once in a while it takes a reminder like this to recall how dependent you are on the tools you have - pump, meter, sensor, etc. to appreciate them all the more.

Donna, I used to take Symlin and found that it made my blood glucose drop fairly quickly. But my guess is that it’s your meter. I also used to use a OneTouch meter and found big reading discrepancies, one of the reasons why I stopped using them.

I know that OneTouch typically have the lowest copays on strips, but you might want to try another maker for a month to see what happens.