RELI-ON Meter problems


I just tested my BS at 8:20 PM CST which is 2 hours after I ate.

My meter read 177
Tried it again 166

I went and washed my hands really good with soap and got 136

I then tested a 4th time and got 139

I don’t know which is right? I just went with 139.


I’ve really never thought of washing my hands before testing… I just get a lancet out and stab myself and then put blood on the test strip.

Any ideas why for the funky readings?

I also noticed that if I prick the very top of my finger by the finger nail vs stabbing myself in the pad of my finger I get different readings too!


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Chris, Actually the meter sounds like it is likely doing a pretty good job. Blood Sugar is semi variable depending on which finger used, and is considered accurate within a band of + or minus perhaps 10 -15 %. Washing hands is always suggested since glucose can accumulate on or finger tips. If you were preparing food, touched certain chemicals or maybe accidentally touched a surface that had recently touched something like fruit. There are dozens of ways pick up glucose on our fingers that it is a good idea to wash to use an alcohol pad.

Now I do not always do that. But if my meter reading is much different than my CGM reading I will wash my hands and test again. It is just good practice to make sure I get as accurate as possible reading.

You may ask how could two finger sticks be different? In fact a better question might be why are two different readings the same. When that happens I do a little happy dance.


Sounds like you had something on your hands for the first two tests and the second two were basically the same number.

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136 or 139 is the same, there is a strip error rate. Your leaflet with your strips, will tell you the stats. Most should be within 10%.

When I read the title, my though was low battery. I don’t think it is now. It’s something to consider in the future, if the meter seems haywire.

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Hey Chris aka @CWM030 I agree with the others. Once thing we have to remember is that the reading we get from our meters and CGMs are not like a Volt/Ohm meter or a speedometer reading as there are several things that can affect the reading, and that BG is not constant. Well it is constantly rising and falling.

That thing about hand washing is important. It may have been here on TuDiabetes that I read a post from the parent of a type 1 child. The child was upset over a very high BG reading. Dad or Mom said, “Did you wash your hands after eating that banana?” With clean hands she got a proper reading. Wash and dry your hands. I am not sure but I think moisture can affect a reading.

Your 136/139mg/dl readings are the accurate ones.