Problems with Omnipod

I am having a lot of problems with my omnipod such as occlusions and the pump deactivating itself, painful sites, unexplained high blood sugars and a couple of pods making a clicking noise and alarming after trying to fill with insulin. Does anyone have any advice on how they pick their sites and how to avoid occlusions? I have been on a pump for approx. 12 years and just started on the omnipod about a month ago. I’ve never had this trouble and I really want it to work, because I love the freedom it gives me.

Is the clicking after you fill it up while its priming? Just curious if that could be the cause. As far as occulsions go, I have only experienced one. But I know alot of people on here say to watch out for scar tissue and suck due to that leading to occulsions. For sites, right now I am still on my stomach (been on omnipod for 2 mths) and am getting ready to try my arm out. It’s all trial and error-the part I hate the most. And if you do have pod failures be sure to call Omnipod Company and they will replace those pods that failed at no cost to you! Hope everything works out soon!

Congratulations on starting the pod…you will have to be patient for a little while until you get the bugs worked out of the system for your situation. We have had a few pods that made that wierd clicking sound while priming…kinda sounds like its cracking apart, right? Do not insert that pod. Call customer service and they will replace it right away. When priming is occurring it should be a tiny tick tick sound. As for occlussions, we also had to figure that out. Some sites are good for the whole 3 days (for us its the stomach area) but other sites (like hips and bottom) seem to have more opportunities for occlussions. Once you figure out your own sites and how they act you’ll know whether to go the full three days or maybe change the set after 2 days to head off any troubles. We found that by wearing the pod in the same general area consistently for the first few weeks it was a lot easier to figure all of this out. You may also find that your rate of absorption is different in alternate spots which may explain the random highs. We have to change the settings for arm, stomach and back…they all respond differently and that took us a while to figure out. As for painful sites, try to get the pod on the fattest part of your body, we’ve noticed some discomfort on more “skinny” areas like arms. Be sure to pinch up as much fat as you can when inserting too…that makes a HUGE difference! Hang in there! Good Luck!

The clicking noise happened when I was trying to fill it with insulin. That happened twice and they replaced both of them. I never put either one of them on. I’m mostly having trouble with sites. I’m trying my stomach now, but the pod is now coming off the part that sticks onto me. I’ve only had it on for one day and I’ll probably have to replace it today due to it coming off. Thanks for your help!

I have not had any problems with priming. It made the clicking noise when I was filling them with insulin. I never used them. They replaced both of them. I am trying the pod on my stomach now, but after only one day it is starting to come off and I’ll probably have to replace it today. Thank you for your advice! I’ll keep trying!

Have you tried using an adhesive aid? I use Smith & Nephew Skin Prep. There are also others such as skin tac, I have had success with that too, but Skin prep is still my favorite. I hope it helps you!


I haven’t had any occlusions with the Omnipod! Have you tried putting the pod on your thigh??? I have always used my back and stomach but I must say I love the thighs a lot better.

I do use the skin prep. It’s not coming off my skin though, it’s the pod coming off of the adhesive. I might try something like a tegaderm over top of the pod. Thanks, Heather

I have tried the outside of my thighs and that’s where I had a lot of problems with occlusions and the pod deactivating itself. Where do you put it on your back? I like to put it on my back hip area, but I’ve had occlusion problems there too.

on my back I place it in a few places…I put it on my lower back, not the hip area. On my thigh I place it on the inner thigh. I don’t want to try the outside I am too scared I would knock it off. I blogged about it check it out

I just wanted to thank you all for responding and helping me. With the help of your tips, my sites have been working so far on my stomach and hip areas(using the pinch up method). I had a problem today where the pump was not working and my blood sugars got very high by the time I realized it wasn’t working. When I removed it the catheter was full of blood, so I now have a new one on and am trying to feel better as my blood sugar comes down. Thank you all for welcoming me to the site and offering all of your suggestions. I hope you all are doing well.

I have had that many times where the pods stop working