The Omnipod Experience

I have been using the Omnipod for a little over a year . My experiences have not always been great. Even after a year I continue to have problems with occlussion. This is particularly frustrating on the days that I sometime have to use two pods. I still wonder if my body is just not made for the pump or that there are two inherent problesm with the Omnipod. Possibly the length of the cannula and secondly, the adhesive that holds the pu,p in place. Because of what I consider a high occlussion rate, I often have to go back to injections to cover the lost days of a pump that occluded. If I had this choice to make again I don’t know if Omnipod would be the right choice. I hope that others are having better sucess then I am. Good Luck.

Where do you place the pods?

I’ve been on Omnipod for almost a year and have only had one occlusion and otherwise have had very good experience. For me the occlusion appeared to occur when I inserted into too lean/muscular an area. I’d be curious to know what pod location you are using and whether you’ve tried a variety of placements. Sorry to hear you are having problems and hope someone can shed some light on this for you.

I have been on the Omnipod since March of this year and only had one occlusion, I’d pretty much say I am having no problems, Everytime I say that I want to knock on wood but still no problems, I love my omnipod. Sorry you have had such a high failure rate.

I know how you feel somedays…ugh. In fact today, I was just watching TV and the pod started beeping for a error. I was like oh crap, went to my pdm saw it was a occulsion. Long story short, I pulled the pod off and the started to bleed…my boyfriend was like oh you are bleeding and i’m like no big deal. but then i looked on my arm like a minute later and it was a TON of blood all over my arm. It didn’t stop bleeding for like 10 mins.

First time I have bleed heavily from pulling the pod. But I get those damn occulsions quite a bit, I figured out as well that I was letting a lot of air into my pods when I put the insulin in which i thought was doing it. But I agree with whoever said putting it into your muscle. It is very frustrating. One day I went through 4 freaking pods. To this day I don’t know what happened.

Hopefully things start to go better!

I have only 2 occulsions with just one that bled for a some amount. My biggest porblem is occassionally I have the issue of a high BG after changing a pod. It may lasy 4-6 hours then retrun to normal.

My diabetes educator says that many people have high BGs after changing pods (or infusion sites if that’s applicable). I seem to be one of them. Right after I change to a new pod, I give myself one unit of insulin. Works like a charm.

YMMV – especially since you said that you have the problem “occasionally.”

I have only been on the pod for 1 month now, but I have learned some valuable lessons.
First- I use skin tac to help keep the pod in place and since use it I have had no problems with the pod staying put. NOTE. you will need to use something to help get it off.

Second- pod location makes big difference. So far my favorite spot is the back of my arms.

I hope this helps, good luck

I have been on the Omnipod for one month as of today. My experience has been wonderful. I’ve only had one pod failure (I believe it was user error - I pulled the cap off before I should have) and only had one ripped off - I am a photojournalist and it was pulled out by my camera strap as I was covering a sporting event. I’ve learned from that experience to be more careful with which shoulder I carry my cameras on.

My BG has dropped to an average of 116 for the last 30 days. I’m ecstatic to say the least. I did find one day that when I placed the pod on my more muscular part of my arm, I had a longer period of moderate highs, but when I use the back of the arm, I get much better results.