Progress in Development of a First Generation Closed Loop Insulin Delivery System in the Netherlands

Hi everybody,

In the Netherlands is a break true in the development of a closed loop delivery system. In 2014 there will be a test for 100 people in 3 different countries and in 2015 it will go in production.

It was big news here but I did not here anything in the USA so I will bring it to you.

If you don't read Dutch you need google translate.

by watching at it and reading it (i speak german, so i kinda understood what it was about, but only the basics) it looked like a bionic pancreas (not sure though if i am right)
2 weeks ago emily hosted two developers of a bionic pancreas in the us for an interview.

from the pictures it looked like the americans made it already smaller, but the americans also seem to take more time until theyll hit the market (in about 4 years they said).
so well see who wins the race!!
i think it is great that it is coming so soon, hope tests are going alright.