Protein and Blood Sugars

Before breakfast, my fasting BG is 120. I eat 1 cup cheerios with 1 cup low fat milk, and a 2 egg cheese omelet. 2 hours later, I go to my cardiac rehab exercise class. They check my blood sugar and it is up to 272. What’s up with that?
I did a bolus for the carbs (20g for cheerios and 11g for the milk). Plus my I:C ratio is 1:6.
I’m just wondering if the protein is raising my BG.

I:C ratios change depending on your pre-meal BG. Maybe at 120mg/dL your I:C ratio is higher. How long did you wait before you ate the cheerios? For me, they raise my BG to the peak in ~20min and so I stopped eating them. The amount of protein you have in your breakfast is really very low - I would guess around 10g max. That wouldn’t affect your BG much at all.

Your pre-breakfast BG seems to be in order. Do you tend to get this sharp spike 2 hours after breakfast on a regular basis, whether or not you’re going to exercise classes or anything else for that matter? If this spike is occurring with regularity, you may just need to increase your I:C ratio. Perhaps you just need more insulin at breakfast??

Would you numbers be lower if you ate your meal and had no exercise class? I am coming to realize that I need atleast 4 units when I play softball. Different activities make my bg levels respond differently.

It could be in relation to time rather than food. Some mornings no matter what I eat or do I get a spike. Darn Liver. You may need more basal insulin in the morning

My experience with cereal, and definitely with sugary cereal is that it is “more than the sum of the parts.” In other words even if I were to bolus for the carbs, I would still end up too high. I just can’t eat cereal and come in under target.

I also find I generally need to wait 15-20 minutes after I bolus before I eat, unless I am low.

I also cannot do many cereals at all for breakfast: They spike me!! I like Cheerios but can only do 1/2 cup at at time at 11g, I use milk sparingly , no more than 1/2 cup as well. Puffed wheat, unsweetnened in the plastic bag, does not spike me.:That is about it, for me. I love oatmeal, but it sends me into the 200’s…

I also lower my carb-insulin and insulin- sensitivity for about 3 hours from 6:00 a.m to 9:00 a.m,The time I usually eat, work mornings or weekends. I find , like many others, that early mornings require more insulin for food bolusses: My basal rate can stay the same.
I have also found that the traditional American breakfast with majority carb is not that grand,for me.
I have eaten carbs from beans, soups, and not had a spike :I have also been known to eat broccoli and cheese cassrole for breakfast., along with a boiled egg, and turkey sausage for breakfast. I have eaten lean -meat trimmed salads, for breakfast.Simple carbs in sugar-free and plain yogurts, low carb fresh fruits, such as blueberries, add variety and do not spike me. The mornings I work out for 45 minutes ( cardio, flexibility, and toning), I try to eat lightly ( just a cup of plain or sugar-free yogurt and fruit) and carry glucose tabs with me If .That is what works for me;

Your diabetes WILL vary. WITH : diabetes, YOU are your OWN Science Experiment: Let’s hope we ALL get a blue ribbon!!!

God Bless,