Protein shakes

I hear a lot of protein shakes when it comes to working out and/or exercising.

So, what do proteins shakes do? When are they taken?

How does it affect diabetics?

If I begin working out and/or exercising, would doing protein shakes help me?

protien helps your body rebuild itself strong after you’ve broken it down during a workout. it’s a building block for your muscles. I run for regen recovery drink and it has a lot of protien and I think it has helped my legs recover quicker after a long run or hard workout. but you can make your own w/ your own blender there are billion recipes for protien smoothies out there

I’m making a whey protein drink when I need a quick meal, with unsweetened almond milk. Total carbs are 12g. It spikes me to 160 at one hour and I go back to 130 at 2 hours. 160 is higher than I like to go. Does anyone have a brand they use that produces less of a spike? I usually buy from Amazon because I live in a rural area and have nothing available locally.

I’ll give you my routine for muscle mass and smooth BG curves. You might react slightly different given your D treatment, workouts, metabolism, etc… but should be good general information.

1st thing – Everyday starts with a whey + nut protein mix right after waking. I accomplish this with whey powder mix (generic GNC), water (versus milk), ice > blended. Eat a tablespoon of natural peanutbutter and wash it down with the shake. This is “low to no” carb but I deal with dawn spikes so I bolus slightly.

Next – Incorporate legumes, eggs and lean meat into meals if you dont already. In typical, high protein = slow digestion = less spike.

Key – Whey protein is most essential before a workout (same as shake mentioned above). If you change only one thing, let this be it. About 1 hour before a lifting session I take 20-30g. IF you are super disciplined take 15g before and 15g after. Consider a google search on BCAA’s and ALA… The ALA seems to support muscles using protein as energy. Be cautious that ALA may cause additional insulin sensitivity to a workout.

Blood Sugar and Metabolism – Most valuable food goes to 1% cottage cheese (*caesin protein). See serving size and convert to get yourself anywhere from 100-150 calories, make that your serving. I eat 1 serving mid-morning and (especially) before bed. Cottage cheese also works well as a sleep aid (melatonin, I think?) and may fend off dawn spikes as your body wont fully understand this is your fasting period.

*note - caesin protein is different from whey it is slower digesting, yet les potent. Think of this as the difference between a bolus (whey) and your basal (caesin).

I’m sponsored by Regen recovery drinks so I have to say them but it’s very tasty stuff 99/9% lactose free made from natural coca 35g carbs, 200 calories, 11g protein 5g fiber so that help me w/ the spikes but I still get spikes 160-180 afterwards. there are lot of other good ones out there too. try 'em