Protein Shakes anyone!?

Am exercising daily with a group fitness, at the end of the session the coach advise us to drink plenty of water and have protein within the next 10-15 minutes.

I been looking around for protein shakes and OH BOY they are alot. I noticed there is different amount of protein in each drink the range is from 8g to 35g of protein in serving. Anyone could give me an idea in what to look for in buying these things? So far I been buying the one that have the highest amount of grams

At GNC and the Vitamin Shoppe I've found good Protein powders. I don't remember the brands but several have very low to no carbs.

After a workout it's I've read (and done myself) to have about 15g of Protein and 10g of carbs. I don't use that much carb because my BS usually has risen too much already after a long run. So I go more for the Protein only. Then add carb later if needed.

Yup, I had been drinking these recently with 25g - 32g. The only thing that worries me is the Saturated fat 7g- 10g!?

Am not a fan of these shops, since I believe they will try to convince you in buying the things that no other person is buying! Not what is best for me!? I prefer to do my own research and then buy the product online or so. Is the powder similar to the shake?

I have been been told by docs that while many people swear by protein shakes they do NOT recommend it. I told the that my personal trainer told me to do the same as you were told and was told not to do it. Just be sure you get enough protein with your meals. You might want to ck with your doc before deciding what is best for you. Good luck.

PJ, Thanks for the reply. I didn't check with my doc, probably I need to. I have been buying the Muscle milk (25g protein) and if I have a low or something I drink Strawberry milk which have 8g!

You're welcome, hope you find something safe for you.