Proton pump inhibitors and digestion speed

occasionally I’ll take a PPI like Prilosec for a couple weeks. I’ve done this a number of times over the years to address what might be reflux. Not sure it helps or that I even have that problem, but that’s another story.

Do any of you notice slower digestion while taking a PPI? It makes sense to me that food might digest slower with weaker stomach acid… I had never noticed it affect my dosing or timing needs with novolog. With afrezza it certainly seems to me that it is causing some additional challenges of insulin outrunning digestion… I’m not sure if this is valid or if it’s just my imagination… But I’m pretty convinced I’ve had a lot more problems with slower digestion w/ afrezza (as seen by low trends after eating followed by substantially rising BG several hours later) while taking a PPI. Any thoughts or other observations regarding PPI use and insulin in general?

OMG. LOL! I’ve been on them for years and never gave it a thought. Of course you are correct, which explains why foods often elevate my bg’s long after expected. thanks for asking–as soon as I read that, I mentioned it to my wife who went,“I’m surprised you didn’t know that! (meaning ME)”.