Proud to be Teaming Up with Pre-existing Condition Art Show

I am very happy to announce that we are teaming up with Zoey Stevens and Dereck la Cruz, to take some of the best artwork posted on TuDiabetes to join the amazing traveling art show to to benefit Type One Diabetes research and, of course, raise more diabetes awareness.

This is a great opportunity for us to raise our voice louder and reach local communities, let people know our story, our personal story of how diabetes touches our lives and our community’s story of how we have come together to make a difference, not being lonely or quiet anymore… and raising diabetes awareness. Plus we are teaming up with great artists to raise money for research.

Zoey and Dereck kindly offered to print some of the best images of our Diabetes Supplies Art Group and Drawing Diabetes, and display them somehow along with the rest of the artwork shown at the shows. Of course giving credit to the artist, the group and the community. We have not figured out all the details and logistics of how the images will be printed and displayed, but we will be working on this.

If you would like to participate, and haven’t posted high resolution/good quality images, please do so by contacting Zoey or Dereck directly. All images submitted in this group will have the chance to join the Pre-existing Condition: a traveling art show to benefit Type One Diabetes research, but we will wait to hear from you before we summit any image.

Zoey Stevens and Dereck la Cruz need to have the high resolution images before August 1, in order to be able to make it to the next stop in the Art Show, which will take place in Las Vegas. Feel free to contact them directly.

NOTE: If for any reason you do NOT want to participate in the show, and you have already posted an image in this group, there is no need for action on your part.


I would like to participate with my TuFlowers. Do I need to send you a new photo? thank you Andreina.

That is great Brigitte, I love your TuFlowers… :wink:
If you can attach your image using the attache box, its better because I doesn’t reduce the size of the image as it does it when you use the little camera icon, ans it prints better.
What you are missing is the 4th step in this list: How to Participate on Diabetes Supplies Art tt explains how to attach the photo…

Thank you again!

thank you Andreina.It’s the morning now here in France so I have all the day to work for my job and to think about supplies Art. I really love this kind of Art. Did you like Arte Povera?

Sorry, where I must put it? I want to participate. May be it’s wrong! thanks

Hi Brigitte, I am sending you a message since I am ready to send your TUflowers to Dereck for the show. :slight_smile:

Hi all, I just wanted to let you know that as of today, August 04, I sent to Dereck and Zoey the contributions and information of the few members who contacted us, or stated here that they wanted to participate on the Pre-existing Condition Art Show.

If by any reason you miss the call and still want to participate feel free to get in contact directly with Dereck Cruz, he is a member of the group and the community.

Here is the list of members that are participating:

  • Brigitte: TuFlowers
  • Karin: (needle caps) and (the test strip pic)
  • Manny Hernandez: Hope
  • Alan Creed: “It Takes Heart” …one month of injections
  • Maureen Nolan: NEEDLES AND EGGS, OH MY!

I’ll proably work on something else. :slight_smile:

Thank you all,