Psoriatic or Rheumatoid Arthritis?

I have had shoulder pain for more than 6 months and am being treated for adhesive capsilitis (frozen shoulder). Recently I have developed pain, swelling and tingling sensations in multiple areas: my other shoulder aches at night, I have pain in my heels and my ankles are swollen. I have carpal tunnel symptoms in both wrists and can’t bend my fingers, my elbow and knee joints click, etc. I don’t have all the symptoms all the time, and they become much worse with strenuous activities involving lifting and bending. I also have had insomnia for the last couple of months. It occurred to me that I might have rheumatoid arthritis. I have an appointment to see my doctor next week. I know there are other folks on here with RA. In doing some research, I came across some info on psoriatic arthritis. I have had psoriasis for years, and my mum also had it as well as arthritis. Psoriasis and hypothyroidism are autoimmune conditions that run in both sides of my family, though I am the only one with diabetes so far. I had never heard of a form of arthritis associated with a skin condition. Apparently, 15-30 % of people with psoriasis later develop the arthritis which is similar to RA but usually milder. Anyone know about this?

Hi Libby,
May be your discussion is a good opportunity for me to mention that I have 3 children with type1 diabetes,diagnosed with jevenile rheumatoid arthritis recently.Type1& rheumatoid arthritis both are autoimmune diseases.An eight year old had a frozen shoulder!!! which was rare to happen in children. She was started on naproxin,but she developed proteinuria as side effects of the drug ( not a nephrotic kidney)
Wish you good health Libby