Puffy Ankles!

I just saw my diabetologist after having slightly swollen ankles for about a week. He wants me to see a cardiologist now-- which is fine, because I know I need to!-- but it also has me a little worried. My creatinine levels are fine (no problems with the kidneys); I am peri-menopausal and I am a bit overweight (sucks to be me right about now!), and was substitute teaching (on my feet, talking, probably a bit dehydrated) for two days before they first started swelling. Has anyone ever experienced this symptom and had it NOT be some terrible, diabetes-related thing?

(My mother has been Type 1 for almost 50 years; she has peripheral neuropathy, gastroparesis,and will be starting kidney dialysis in March. I know that my care has been SO MUCH better than hers has been over the years-- we got our first blood testing devices a year after I was diagnosed!-- but every once in a while I panic. Diabetes sucks enough without the emotional stuff, eh?)

It may be from being on your feet. Some medications can also cause swelling.
I've had db for 39 years and have numerous complications (but continue to live an amazingly active and productive life in spite of them).
There is also a condition called lymphedema which causes swelling of the limbs.
I know how it is to jump to the worst possible conclusion before you have all the facts. Very stressful and I hate the waiting period.
I have a feeling that your db doc is doing a cardiology referral because he has to cover all the bases. Hopefully, everything will be fine.
(I grew up in an extended family where 24 second cousins were type one - some diagnosed in the early 50's. So I watched many of them deteriorate slowly and then die.)
Please keep us updated.

I am 31 and have had this type of problem since I was 27 or so. They have done all the tests of possible causes and everything has been normal, so my doctors just said some people get this from certain situations (when walking in the heat, when sitting a lot, those are the two for me). I've found the less junk food I eat the better it is, and also the more I exercise. I'm overweight and I strongly suspect that if I got to my goal weight (which means losing 50+ pounds) it would probably go away completely. Good luck, I hope it's nothing serious in your case, but I definitely know how it feels to worry!

I am T1 for 30+ years now on the Omnipod pump. Recently (Nov 2012) I went on a cruise and my ankles were swollen terribly. when I got back I had an appointment with my endo doc and she said it was probably caused by all of the salt they use on a cruise ship when prepairing foods. I think she might be correct because after a few days after the cruise they were back to normal size.

My ankles swell up occasionally also, dr's dont know why all tests are normal. My hands and feet are always swollen first thing in the morning, but my ankles just puff up out of the blue for no apparent reason.

Thank you all so much for sharing your experiences; as always, it sure helps to know I'm not alone. I saw the cardiologist today-- they did an EKG and he listened to my heart, and everything sounded fine. I'll go back for an ultrasound and a deep vein doppler ultrasound to check my legs (I have spider veins-- nothing serious is visible, but he wanted to cover all the bases-- I think you're right, Kathy! And are you proof positive that there's a genetic connection or what?!). My ankles haven't been swelling as often-- I'm pretty sure it's related to salt, because that does make a difference I take Crestor, Ramipril (just for my kidneys-- my blood pressure is usually low all on its own!), and Lexapro-- I don't think any of those would contribute to swelling. It's good to know that what *may* be a symptom of a something serious is more likely to be just the way I'm made. I'm working on losing some weight (Jen, I have over 50 to lose to hit my goal weight, too-- insulin sure makes that hard!). Again, thank you all so much for sharing!