Swollen Feet?

Hey guys, has anyone ever had problems with their feet and lower legs swelling? I was out last night with my friends and an hour into the night, my feet were so swollen that i couldn’t wear my sandals. Even tonight, they’re still swollen. I have an endo appointment tomorrow and will ask him, but was just curious.

When I was a rebellious teenager and not taking good care of myself, I’d go through long periods of hyperglycemia. Occasionally, I’d smarten up and try to bring things under control, and one of the “side effects” of better blood sugars was swelling in my lower legs and feet. It was not pretty, let me tell you, but it did eventually go away on its own. I would definitely speak with your endo about it; he/she should have some insight.

Wow Dave - thanks for posting that link!!! I’m going to print this up and bring it to my endo next month.
I’ve had this condition of swelling lower legs/feet for last 5 years - and I’m in good control of my diabetes (or I think I am). I know I am trying to eat less salted foods - but believe it or not - here in Canada - our processed foods contain more salt then what American foods have! So, of course, I try not to eat processed food - but hard to avoid sometimes.
My prob started when I was going on cruises - and of course - with long flight - and high salt content of foods - I would get stumps of wood for feet/legs after about 4 days. Imagine - wearing formal gown - with Birkenstocks - which can barely be strapped onto feet/ankles that look like they belong to an elephant - that was me. The nurse on the ship said to sleep at night with my legs elevated - easier said then done - didn’t really help much.
Elizabeth - I have it from time to time here on land - but not as bad - more so during the hot/humid summer tho’. I just have had to forgo my vanity for wearing strappy sandals/shoes now - because it seems to cause the problem.

Well, I’ve been trying to control my sugars more in the last week than I have since my diagnosis. They’re better today, especially since sleeping, but they still look like short stumps! I have one pair of flip flops that aren’t too tight that I’m going to be wearing today… lol! I will mention the peripheral edema to my endo today and see what he thinks. Thanks for the link Dave. I did put ice packs on my ankles last night and that seemed to help some. I hope my endo has some thoughts!

I’m pretty vain and don’t like to be limited to what I can or can’t wear so of course this is really annoying more than anything! I will let you guys know what he says! Oh, and I don’t consume a lot of processed foods and limit my sodium intake, so I think it’s not really from that!

Thanks again! Maybe one day I won’t have such stupid questions!


Dear anna.

Compression socks are a really good idea on long flights. I ordered some from www.cabelas.com. These are not the medical kind that are super tight I would not be able to put those on because of high foot arch. the cabelas are less tight meant for deer hunting and long sitting sessions. Diuretics also help not only the BP but feey swelling too.

I always try to put my feet above my heart with a massive mountain of pillows on my bed. I usually wake up in the morning with them all over the floor, but it sometimes helps. Bedrest too, just put my feet up with my laptop, ipod, kindle or watch a movie. Walking, dancing and salt just make it worse. When my legs swell, it happens when my numbers are in control and when they're not. I'm not the best at it, but trying to improve my H1C and get the pump.

It hurts to shave, and wear certain shoes. I normally will stay home wear shorts and put my feet up if I can. It's hard with work and school. Having a dress code does not help either so I suffer through it and then put them up after. When they swell, I also don't feel like eating or drinking then I get yelled at from my parents, because I will loose weight. Not too much, mostly fluids but I'm not in a position to loose any weight. I just always feel like an elephant or a hippo, when I'm really a flamingo. Makes me upset, mad, and grumpy.