Pump battery

i just started my son on the animas ping on the 17th and i already had to replace the battery today. i was really suprised. is this normal? shouldn’t the battery last longer than a few weeks…

or is this normal… if so i need to stock up ! lol

I had the same issue with the battery that came with the pump. On Monday it will be 2 months that I’ve been using this new battery. I guess it all depends on how much you use it. I try not to calculate boluses from the meter because vibration uses more battery life.

Like Yadie said vibration can suck up the battery quite quick. The other thing you can chack on is to see how log your time out is set to make the screen go blank after the last button push. One other thing is to check the contrast. I do not use vibrate for anything (you CAN turn off the vibrate mode when using the meter in SETUP --> SOUNDS -->R bolus) and have my contrast down to 3. My time out is set to the lowest possible (I think 30 seconds). Besides this I do not do anything else special and a Lithium battery will usually last me about a month. Others do even more to conserve battery and can sometimes get even longer.

I generally make it about a month with lithiums… amazon 8-packs are the best prices I can find…

It depends on several issues. Are you using alkaline batteries? If you are, two weeks is about normal. Animas, and I’m in agreement, recommends lithium batteries. They last at least twice as long. Other than the type of battery, other things influence battery life as well. Do you bolus using the meter? If so, RF transmission between the meter and the pump will reduce battery life some. Do you set reminders? The alarms going off for those will also shorten battery life. Are your alarms/reminders set to vibrate? Reduce battery life some more.

My old Animas 2020 would give me about 6-7 weeks from a battery. My Animas Ping gets a new battery every 4 weeks. That is based on after meal reminders with vibrate turned on and using lithium ion batteries.

If the battery you had was a lithium one, maybe it wasn’t fresh.

Hope that helps some.

I laughed when I saw this post, Matilda, because I posted the same thing about two months ago when I first got my Ping. I can’t remember but I think I went through that first battery even quicker than you did, I believe it was eight days! Subsequent batteries have lasted me around a month. I think the first one went so quick because I was using the pump itself a lot to get all my settings input. Now, I rarely use the pump, just the meter on a daily basis. So I’m sure it was from the initial frequent use.

I use lith and seems the battery last about 4 weeks, considering that I have all alerts on vibrate I think it is very good. I do take full advantages of all alerts and reminders… Some would call me a HEAVY user.

Last time I used an ALK battery it only lasted 3 DAYS!!!

I was told to never consider using RECHARGEABLES as I would risk the battery leaking into the pump,…