Pump Battery

I have always used Sony Alkanline batteries in my Roche Pump (with remote control and built in glucometer)as I was told by my pump team. Normally the the Alkaline batteries last 30 days or lil more than that, but in the last few months they don't last that long. They hardly lasted for 15 days, and the one spare battery I'd when put in, it showed empty, a new battery that was sealed showed empty. And pump isn't being overused, and I'd experienced the same thing with the same Sony Alkaline Batteries from different shops. The Pump is okay as I Put a Duracell Alkaline battery now and it is working. Once I asked my doc about that he said the batteries must have leaked...

The Lithium battery isn't available in India for the pump.

So I wanna know which ALkanline or Rechargable Batteries you use on your Roche Accu-Check Pump ?

Until recently I never really cared as I figure the pumps benefit is worth the batteries. However, the last time I bought the high end energizer batteries…think they are called ultimate or something. Anyway, it has been at least 2 months since I last replaced the battery (yep…two months). Still no low battery alarm and the pump is functioning just fine.


Is Engergizer a brand?
Which battery type - Alkaline/Lithium/Rechargable

I am in the USA and use Duracell Ultramax alkaline and have had good results. I don't use the lithium because they don't work out financially. They are considerably more expensive but don't last enough longer to cover the increased costs.

Batteries are odd and a "batch" from a manufacturer can be different than the next. If your packages are dated, you might check the dates and make sure the batteries aren't already 'old'

Yes, it is a brand and they make all three types here in the USA.

I usually use Energizer, Eveready or Duracell Alkaline batteries. Maybe those batteries you had were old or something. they usually last me about a month.

Thank you all for your valued posts. Here, where I live the Sony batteries aren't easily available, I often came across Energizer( I know a while ago I was asking whether it is a brand, just wanted to be double sure...), and Duracell is widely available here, it is prevalent but I didn't put that because my pump told me that Duracell batteries are the most susceptible to battery leakage. I think I'm gonna be using Duracell from now on.
I think you all are right, the batteries must have been dated or close to that.

So any battery leakage experience with Duracell ever?
No one is in opinion to use the rechargable batteries?
How often do you change the Service Pack of the pump? - my team told em to change it in every 6 months.

1 CHanging the service pack (cartridge adapter and battery cover is based a bit on your conditions. I live and work in a clean dry environment so I change mine about every 3 months. If there is any suspected damage to the seals, more often. There is no hard and fast rule, just remember that those items are what make the pump water resistant.
2. Battery leakage is normally only a problem if the battery is discharged or empty. SInce the same brand may be manufactured in different places around the world, you should pay closer attention to what people where you live say. Not worth risking your pump
3. Rechargeables - I've not tried them but I know some people here in the USA that love them.

Just remember to tell your pump what kind of batteries you are installing.

If you use facebook here is a great group https://www.facebook.com/groups/accucombopump/

thank you Barry. I haven't noticed an accu check pump group before on fb, wonder how long it's has been there...

I use the Duracell alkaline batteries. They seem to last longer for me than other brands.

that's what they say "duracell last longer than others" :)

Apologize I didn't reply sooner. Literally just saw the question. The exact battery is the Energizer Ultimate Lithium battery. Since I typed the initial post I finally got a low battery alarm. I went through three sets of standard Energizer batteries in my meter for the one Ultimate Lithium in the pump. At that rate, the four-pack would last just about a year at an annual cost of $9.80 (it was purchased at a military exchange so it may have been a dollar or so cheaper).