Pump, CGM on a plane trip..?

i know some of us here have tried goin on a plane trip with the pump and dont have problems with the TSA inspection, Im just wondering if anybody had gone to a plane trip while hooked up on their CGM…? just out of curiosity, sometime next week ill be goin to california for a job interview, and this will be my first time to fly with my pump and CGM, im a lil worried thinking bout all the hassles i have to deal with, just in case, they’ll ask. im sure they will coz not too many people are using the CGM.

with this in mind, do you think i need to get a certification from my endo? also, any tips. advices, and suggestions are welcome…


I flew with mine last month and it didn’t cause any trouble. As far as I know nobody even knew I had it.

I carry a statement from my Doctor when I fly because I usually carry juice with me and I can get through security this way. I haven’t flown with my CGMS yet, but when I fly with my pump I put the pump in the small of my back when I go through security and it doesn’t set off the medal detectors. I have had it in the front and it does set it off then, but not in the back for some reason. I always pack all my medical stuff in one bag so I can just tell them all this is medical supplies and I have never had a problem. The only problem I have ever had is in Kansas City when I was informed that water isn’t liquid and my dr’s statement doesn’t cover water, when it states that I am diabetic and need to have liquids with me. I didn’t fight them and just threw the water away, wasn’t worth the hassle, but I found it stupid. They said nothing about my huge bottle of orange juice. I would keep juice in the seat back pocket during take off and landing as that is when my sugar decides it wants to bottom out when it is the most inconvinent times. The flight attendants have always been great about getting me juice and snacks if I need them, I just tell them I am diabetic and they have been more than helpful. Let me know how it goes with the CGMS as I am going to be flying in Dec.

Make sure you get to the airport a good 20-30 minutes earlier than you usually do. My pump ALWAYS sets off the metal detectors these days, although apparently I’m one of 2 people in the whole world of pumping that this happens to everytime at the airport. Anyway, if you do set off the detector, you’ll have to wait around in the little glass house for somebody to come wand and/or pat you down. It usually takes me an extra 20 minutes - you have to wait for the TSA person to trudge their way over (it is literally like pulling teeth to get these folks to walk over to the area), then wait as they stare at you wondering what to do w/ this electronic thingy you’ve shown them, and then they get all handsy as they wand and pat you down. It sucks. I highly suggest leaving enough time to grab a drink afterwards b/c the irritation can get a bit much.

I had no problems going through security last week with my trusty pump (in my pocket) and Minilink CGMS attached! :slight_smile:

I have a Minimed 522 and I never have any problems. If you use the belt clip remove the clip and put your pump in your pocket (like type1steve mentions). I never tell them that I have a pump and it has never set off the metal detector. If it does it is because of the metal in the clip that was left on your pump. Otherwise you are fine if you are nervous about it go to the TSA website and it has all the info you need about carrying syringes and what not.

I fly all the time at least once/month at certain times of the yr. Sometimes I set off the alarm but it’s not usually my pump, last time is was my bra…underwire support. I just tell them I’m wearing an insulin pump and ask if they need to see it. They usually ask wear I’m wearing it, and then just wand me. I’ve never had any problems because of it. If you are worried carry a note from your Dr. You can also get a note from your Diabetes supply company explaining the equipment you have. I’ve also traveled carrying insulin, syringes and all that, in my carry on, as long as it’s in the regulated size plastic bag, 90 percent of the time, they don’t even ask me about it. If you’re not hiding it, they seem to just let it slide on by.

all you have to say is I’m diabetic, they know you need the stuff…

I travel regularly and have never had a problem with my pump or CGM. I try to wear a shirt untucked so it covers the pump which is attached to my belt in a case (no metal clip). One time I wore it expose and the TSA agent initially thought it was a pager, but once he saw the tubing waved me through.

I’ve heard some people claim you have to disconnect the CGMS and turn it off because it has a transmitter. That’s simply not true. Only consumer electronics devices with an on-off switch have to be turned off during take-off and landing, medical devices like the pump & CGMS do not. I contacted several airlines to confirm that.