Pump, Day 1

Just got my pump training today and am now hooked to Skynet. CGM is on board too. man, its wierd not having to give shots. and having this thing beep at me like a lost puppy dog.

Cool isn't it? I did not expect to like my pump as much as I do.

Hang in there Bacail, it gets so much better as you go. I was MDI for 27 years and it took some getting used to it but when I did, I decided I would never give it up and ten years later, I am on my third pump and still going.

Rick Phillips

What's Skynet?

I am in the “wait and see how much insurance will pay” stage… and sadly not too hopeful

From the Terminator, the company/ network that built the Terminators to solve the problem of humanity, which concluded that sending Ah-nold to find Sarah Connor was the solution...

Thanks, I wondered as well ;)

arrrgh, roller coaster blood sugar, this stuff is gonna take some tweaking!

also, note to self, put cgm on same side as pump or it will bitch at you about weak signal. ENOUGH, I GET IT ALREADY :)~


It takes time to adjust to a new pump, Bacail, so hang in there and keep tweaking numbers. I can only imagine trying to adjust to a pump and CGM at the same time. Actually...no I can't..lol. No desire for a CGM.

You have to watch The Terminator or The Sara Connor Chronicles to understand Skynet. Science fiction joke.

I am considering giving up the shots after almost 30 years. How did you decide which pump to get?

Run long enough tubing to hang pump on CGMS side, works good with medtronic pumps. Then infusion site and CGMS site can be in different locations.

And FYI, until you reach the point of wanting to throw the pump out the automobile window while traveling about 70MPH on a congested freeway, you are not riding the world class roller coaster! So you take things into your own hands, quit calling the doctor every 5 minutes, and just fix it! Seriously tho, as Zoe said it does take time to figure it all out. I had to get the food bolus amounts set to be pretty good first, (3 days of adjusting) then I could go back and work on the basal rates and everything else (about a month or so to get really comfortable with the settings). Good luck!

My doc had actually wanted me on the pump since last year, since i needed so much insulin, so i had done my research and the revel looked pretty solid with their CGM. i didnt know until this Feb that my doc actually had Medtronic working out of his office. They put me on the Ipro (pro version of the cgm) for a week. Thats when i decided to do the pump. That and the conversation with the wife of "i want you around for a long time" .....nothing much you can say to that
I was a shot chicken anyway. i used the BD Autoshield needles cause i cant stand to see the needle go in :)~ but MDI of 6 or more and i was about over it

i decided to go with the CGM because of my job. I am a Locomotive Engineer and being able to keep an eye on my BG while on the road while testing less (eventually anyway, lol) will help me out alot. and not having to give myself shots while traveling upwards of 60mph on rickity a** track will be a relief to my belly

Yar, my Medtronic CDE already told me that my starting basal numbers are intentially low as to not start out to aggressive. already tweaked mine a bit. luckily, through their carelink software, both my doc and my CDE can track it themselves when i upload the pump info

Not trying to sound like a Medtronic advocate here, but they really have been awesome from the start as far as customer service. and they really do seem like they give a crap about ya. My CDE even wanted a pic with me to send to the other reps ive been playing phone and email tag with.

I had the same arrangement, w/ the rep meeting me at the office *only*. I had a weird situation up here, after I got the CGM as I had a race on my addenda and the clip broke so I got ahold of her, offered to drive by and meet her near her (having, of course, figured out where she lived online, since there's so much public crap out there...although I didn't tell her that...she'd implied she was south, which was where the race was...) to pick one up and no dice. Only at the doctor's office although, now that I think about it, the CGM "install" meeting was at a hotel, which I also found weird as there were two Medtronic people and two of us for a couple of hours.

I'm actually a science fiction snob; no Terminator for me, thanks; only the years I had to tolerate him as governor.

Baby Tee, here is a discussion I started last year that might give you some information: https://forum.tudiabetes.org/topics/thinking-about-a-pump-for-the-first-time-in-37-years

I've been on my first pump...Medtronic also, for just over a month now. I've had some ups and downs (literally lol) but my overall experience so far has been good. One of the best feelings ever is not having to get up out of bed because you forgot to inject your nighttime NPH.