Pump issues

New pumper ( 6 weeks), had dinner 7 pm, took a bolus, subsequently had a snack soon after without a bolus because it was relatively close to dinner. I woke a to a Bg of 238 at 2am. Let the bolus wizard calculate appropriate amount ( no food assigned) . Checked bg at 5am to find a bg of 51, had some juice and carbs ( banana). I guess some fine tuning is in order.

Do not understand the “close to dinner” reasoning; if that snack had carbs, why wouldn’t you bolus for it?

Sounds good.

Probably yes. Your insulin sensitivity value (delta BG per U of insulin) could be too low. Or, your nighttime basal rate (U of insulin per hour) could be too high. Or, it could be some combination of these two. In general, I would not rush to change multiple pump settings at the same time based on a single event. Pump settings take some time and patience to adjust - change only one setting at a time, and look for patterns to emerge. Good luck!

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my insulin sensitivity at night(1:100) is much different than during the day (1:50).

hope you can work w a CDE on fine tuning. It takes a while to get it straight, and even then it doesn’t stay static.