Symlin 60 diabetic no control

Can someone please help me. I am on metformin, 1000 in morn. 1500 in pm. 60 mcg symlin, and glimeperide. my glucose is still 286 — 310

Hi Carolyn -

Doesn’t look like anyone responded and I only came across this by accident. Have you figured it out?

My first question would be - are you on a low carb diet?

My second question would be - WHY ARE YOU ON SYMLIN IF YOU ARE NOT ON INSULIN - that should not happen, as far as I know. Please go to and read about that, including the following:

SYMLIN should only be used by people with type 2 and type 1 diabetes who:

  • already use their insulin as prescribed, but still need better blood sugar control.
  • will follow their doctor’s instructions exactly.
  • will follow up with their doctor often.
  • will test their blood sugar levels before and after every meal, and at bedtime.
  • understand how to adjust SYMLIN and insulin doses.

Please update - I am concerned about you.

hi, thanks for responding. I am t2 and on metformin, 2500 per day, glimepride 2mg, and symlin 60mcg

Did the doctor say anything about uping your Symilin to 120 mcg? How often do you take it a day?

Maybe it is time to discuss adding insulin to your regimen?

symlin could have been prescribed just for weight control, but with those #, i have to agree with everyone else that insulin seems to be in order. Symlin is not a drug to be taken lightly…

Want to second the suggestions about talking to your doctor about insulin. When meds fail to offer control (along with restricting carbs & exercising), it’s the best thing you can do. There are members here who are T2s using insulin. Insulin doesn’t have the side effects many experience with meds & insulin will also preserve your beta cells–a huge plus.

Thanks for all who responded. I am afraid of insulin because of weight gain. I take symlin 3 times daily before each meal.

what is the down side to symlin? Also, have you had any problem with weight gain on insulin?

If you eat lower carb & take correspondingly lower doses of insulin, weight gain can be controlled. Having 286-310 readings is more scary.

not yet. I’ve been on for 2 months 3 x’x day before meals. So far it hasn’t helped at all.

There’s a great Symlin forum here that should answer your questions.

I haven’t gained weight from insulin & am trying to gain weight:) But, I do eat low carb. Eating too many carbs & taking large insulin doses to cover it is a prescription for weight gain, unless you’re very active.

I’m a T1 and take symlin myself. I have lost 15lbs in the last 3 month simply because the symlin makes me eat less. If you are on the proper amount of insulin and eat a reasonable diet, weight gain should not be much of an issue